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Getting your mind of of football post 2 : Buffalo Hockey

Here we go! via <a href=""></a>
Here we go! via

9/21/2012 Bulls W & J 7:30 PM
9/22/2012 Bulls W & J 7:30 PM
9/28/2012 Bulls Duquesne 7:30 PM
9/29/2012 Bulls Duquesne 7:30 PM
10/5/2012 Rochester
Bulls 8:00 PM
10/6/2012 Cortland Bulls 7:00 PM
10/12/2012 IUP Bulls 8:00 PM
10/13/2012 IUP Bulls 3:30 PM
10/19/2012 Bulls RIT 8:30 PM
10/20/2012 Bulls Bona 8:30 PM
10/26/2012 Bulls Ithaca 7:30 PM
10/27/2012 Bulls Cornell 7:30 PM
11/2/2012 Syracuse Bulls 7:00 PM
11/3/2012 Syracuse Bulls 7:00 PM
11/7/2012 Bulls Niagara 7:30 PM
11/9/2012 Bulls Pittsburgh 8:30 PM
11/10/2012 Bulls Pittsburgh 2:30 PM
11/14/2012 Niagara Bulls 9:00 PM
11/16/2012 Bulls Bingo 8:30 PM
11/17/2012 Bulls Cortland 8:30 PM
11/30 - 12/1 Blizzard ACHA 5:00 PM
12/1/2012 Blizzard ACHA 8:30 PM
12/7/2012 Bona Bulls 7:00 PM
12/8/2012 RIT Bulls 7:00 PM
1/11/2013 Bulls UCO 7:30 PM
1/12/2013 Bulls UCO 7:30 PM
1/19/2013 Canisius Bulls 10:30 AM
1/23/2013 Bulls Mercyhurst 8:00 PM
1/26/2013 Bulls Oswego 7:30 PM
1/27/2013 Bulls R Morris 3:30 PM
2/2/2013 Oswego Bulls 1:00 PM
2/3/2013 Ithaca Bulls 1:30 PM
2/8/2013 Bingo Bulls 7:00 PM
2/9/2013 Cornell Bulls 7:00 PM
2/22 - 2/24 Playoffs ACHA 7:00 PM

If Basketball is not your thing and you need to come up for air from UB's terrible football game against Kent then Hockey just might be the thing for you.

This year it should be easier than ever to keep up with UB Hockey.

As you may have already seen Tim Benner, one of UB's players, is going to try to keep Bull Run readers up with the teams status with semi regualr posts.

We can do this because of the Hockey Program's position outside of the Athletics Department means there are no bureaucrats in the way. Coach Sal has always been supportive of this site, going back to it's first days.

The other, huge, development is that WRUB will be covering UB home games, live.

WRUB, the student run radio station, should be streaming those broadcasts online so Buffalo fans everywhere can tune in and listen to Buffalo Hockey.

Finally there is the new conference alignment

UB Hockey: Keeping Live Hockey On The Ice - Bull Run
After a stint in the ECHL, the team has recently moved into the NECHL, where they will compete with rival Niagara along with RIT, Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Cornell, Oswego, St. Bonnies, Cortland, and a select few other teams across the country.

This is not NCAA Big10 teams coming in but what fans will get is local rivalries.

Think Big Four Hockey, SUNY hockey, and Syracuse.

Should be fun, the games are affordable (free with student ID), and right now it's the only Hockey Team you can see with the word "Buffalo" in the name!