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Getting your mind off of football post 1 : Mens Basketball

Yea we also got tired of waiting for the schedule coach..
Yea we also got tired of waiting for the schedule coach..

# Date Game
1 November 10th Princeton at Buffalo
2 November 12th Buffalo at Florida State
3 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Evansville
4 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Western Illinois
5 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Yale
6 November 20th Buffalo at Canisius
7 November 28th Temple at Buffalo
8 December 1st Buffalo at St. Bonaventure
9 December 5th Buffalo at Milwaukee
10 December 8th Niagara at Buffalo
11 December 21st Buffalo at Washington State
12 January 2nd Buffalo at Tulsa
13 January 12th Miami at Buffalo
14 January 16th Kent State at Buffalo
15 January 19th Bowling Green at Buffalo
16 January 23rd Buffalo at Ball State
17 January 26th Buffalo at Akron
18 January 30th Central Michigan at Buffalo
19 January 9th Buffalo at Ohio
20 February 2nd Buffalo at Western Michigan
21 February 6th Buffalo at Eastern Michigan
22 February 9th Northern Illinois at Buffalo
23 February 13th Toledo at Buffalo
24 February 16th Buffalo at Miami
25 February 23rd ESPNU BracketBuster
26 February 27th Buffalo at Kent State
27 March 2nd Akron at Buffalo
28 March 5th Ohio at Buffalo
29 March 8th / 9th Buffalo at Bowling Green

This morning there will be a fre micro posts aimed at lifting your spirits. Before I get to the heavy lifting of a UB game thoughts and bigger issue posts that should be going up later in the day.

Now we all know when it comes to breaking fans hearts Buffalo Basketball can be just as cruel as UB football but since Javon McCrea and company did not spend yesterday letting Kent play them like a IAA team we will start with the hoops schedule.

First I have to give a shout out to the guys over at who, as always, spend a good portion of August combing through the sites of other basketball teams to find out who the Bulls play.

Buffalo is notoriously late in releasing their schedule and this year is no different. But thanks UBFan for doing the heavy lifting.

It's an impressive schedule.

Temple is coming in despite not being bound by their MAC football agreement. Hopefully this is the start of an annual, or semi annual home and home series against the Owls. I'd like a reason to keep hating them

Our trip to Florida State is part of the Coaches versus Cancer tournament.

The features 12 schools, with four host schools playing two games on campus and advancing to the Championship Rounds that will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The remainder of the field will participate in a round-robin series at one of the two sub-host sites.

I'm not sure how the whole thing works but basically Flora as a host gets to go to NY. Then UB will play Evansville, WIU, and Yale.

The trip to Washinton State (corrected, I origionally thought it was Wazzu) is likely a pay day game and Princeton is a return game from last season.

There are, of course the "Big Four" Games with two on the road and one at home.

Right now there are 28 known games, that's enough for a season but there is room for one or two more. I suspect Buff State will be brought in for a warmup game sometime after Christmas and I would not be amazed to see one other contest pop up before the conference opener against Miami on the 12th.

Edit: and I was proved right. UB will be at Tulsa on the second (good find RHB)

As it stands it's a great schedule. The Bulls have a few chances to play two caliber teams and maybe try to get that Big ranked upset they have been lacking all these years. There is also the Big4 games and some other mids that Give UB a chance to get some momentum going before MAC play begins.