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Bull Run's MAC power rankings

Ohio is clearly excited to have topped my MAC Blog Poll
Ohio is clearly excited to have topped my MAC Blog Poll

Rank Squad Change Comment
1 Ohio 1 Huge win for the Bobcats. even if PSU was slightly depleted they are one of the top teams on their schedule.
2 Toledo -1 One of several "not close enough" performances put up by MAC schools. Toledo looked great in a PAC 12 road game but was unable to close the deal in OT
3 Northern Illinois NIU Had one of the most heartbreaking losses of the week. But taking Iowa that close to the wire is a good sign for a program breaking in a new QB.
4 Bowling Green 1 Very Respectable game against a ranked Florida, Bowling Green racked up 22 first downs against the Gators.
5 Western Mighigan -1 Not exactly the Alex Carder show people were hoping for. Four interceptions against Illinois against just one touchdown.
6 Ball State 1 Ball State made a statement about who they are in the MAC. The top four in the West are now Toledo, NIU, WMU, and Ball State, perhaps not in that order.
7 Kent -1 Kent was neitehr spectacular or awful against Towson. The Biggest concern might be letting an fcs team out gain you and go 7-12 on third down.
8 Buffalo 2 Alex Zordich looked like he could be just what the Bulls need this season. He threw the ball well enough and made few mistakes against Georgia.
9 Eastern Michigan giving up nearly 600 yards of offense to Ball state. It makes one wonder if EMU is on the verge of relapsing?
10 Miami -2 For one quarter the Redhawks looked solid but as good as Dysert can play the RedHawks need to do something about the running game.
11 Central Michigan CMU came uncomfortably close to being "that MAC team" and it was the turnovers that did it. There are some good things happening for the chips.
12 Akron UCF is a solid team but three picks is still a reason to make you wonder if Bortles is the guy Akron needs right now
13 Umass 3 Yards rushing aginast Uconn? Welcome to the Bowl Subdivision. They have a let up next week with Indiana, their easiest non confernce game