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Dang it Buffalo football you got me again.

Why do I alwys stop the flaming bag of dog crap
Why do I alwys stop the flaming bag of dog crap

I really can't muster anything of substance for the quick post game thoughts.

Like the Ball State game last year this early MAC loss shows us that Buffalo just can't compete in the conference yet. Jeff Quinn was *completely* out coached by Kent. What should have been a win, or a tight game turned into a blood bath for the following reasons.

Buffalo ran about three different passing plays throughout the game.

There was the tight end screen, the "four wide out running as fast and as far in a straight line as possible", and the exact same patter but with a tight end underneath.

As a result of this play calling, and of poor execution, Oliver was bottled up long before he hurt himself.

When you play like crap a faster pace does not help

Long before the 4th quarter Buffalo should have dumped the no huddle. Let's be honest the team was awful and maybe could have mitigated that with a slower pace.

Right now who is to know where this team is going. It's awhile before UConn and there are injuries to sort out. The only think I can be reasonably certain about is that Coach Quinn's seat just got warmer.