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Half Time thoughts.. BO Tied

We missed you in the second quarter BO.
We missed you in the second quarter BO.

We need Alex Zordich and the receivers to be able to manage a few forward throws. Our passing game is positively embarrassing.No they don't get a pass because of the Hail Mary!

The result is a stacked box and Oliver doing Nothing. BO had more than 50 yards in the first Quarter and less than 10 in the second. Made a little noise towards the end but that was because Kent went into a prevent.

UB's backup running backs of no help.. The holy hole they look for is the one on the "0" on the back of Trevor Sales jersey.


Witney Sherry always seems a yard behind the play. With the execption of that one good pop about five minutes in.

Kents making the Big plays we are not. Big Runs and strips. Buffalo is not completing passes and turning the ball over off tipped passes and dropping interceptions.

Honestly Its a miracle were only down 3..