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Talking Bull: Confessions under duress

A reenactment of Barkley defending Kiffin throwing him under the Bus. Can you guess which one is Kiffin?via <a href=""></a>
A reenactment of Barkley defending Kiffin throwing him under the Bus. Can you guess which one is Kiffin?via

What else did you expect him to say!

Southern California Trojans QB Matt Barkley agrees with coach Lane Kiffin's criticism - ESPN
USC quarterback Matt Barkley said Tuesday he is glad his head coach publicly critiqued his play from Saturday's surprising loss to Stanford.

If you watch the video you can see Barkley blinking Morse code... "I just ran the play he sent in! So not only did Kiffin unceremoniously throw Barkley under the bus he sent the poor kid out to tell the world that if felt great!

A real life water boy?

Penn State Football Expected '50-100 People' At Walk-On Tryouts Wednesday -
Penn State will hold open tryouts for the football team on Wednesday and the program is expecting between 50 and 100 people to attempt to walk-on, according to Ben Jones. The open tryouts are held yearly, but head coach Bill O'Brien, who prefers to call them run-ons, will be looking to add depth in the defensive backfield. The Nittany Lions have been hit hardest by losses at cornerback and safety, and O'Brien is hoping someone will stick out at that

While I'd like to laugh a bit about the chess captain trying out it's an annual thing. Of the 13 guys who left the team nine are going to other schools. They put football infront of school and now hopefully there spots can be filled by devoted students.

BINGO trying to get out from under its recent history

Amid Hazing at Binghamton University, Cries for Help -
Officials at Binghamton — part of the State University of New York system — declined to say whether individual students had been disciplined but said 3 of the 53 sanctioned Greek organizations were currently banned from recruiting members. The university’s Web site says one sorority received a disciplinary warning, one fraternity was placed on probation and two fraternities remain under investigation.

There are times I regret not pledging a frat in my time at UB. But between 19 credit hours a semester did not leave a lot of time and then stuff like this! Maybe I am better off for not falling into it (disclaimer: yes I know most Greek organizations are clean)

If there was relegation what would happen to Indiana

The Numerical, Week 3: Fast Starts, False Starts And Poor, Poor Colorado -
Consecutive wins for Ball State over state-mate Indiana. In 2008, the Cardinals won, 42-20 in Muncie. In 2011, they won, 27-20, in Indianapolis. And on Saturday, they held off a late comeback in Bloomington and won, 41-39. I'm pretty sure that automatically promotes them to the Big Ten and relegates the Hoosiers to the MAC. (And on the flipside, UL Monroe just missed promotion to the SEC after an overtime loss to Auburn.)

And now for tonight's game!

  • First I have to give a big shout of approval to Director White...

Improvements to Student Seating Announced - Buffalo Athletics
"We understand the important role our students play in building an atmosphere at athletic events, White said. "We will use this year as an evaluation tool to further identify long term solutions to improve overall seating locations and gameday experiences for our students. As it relates to football, our charge is to bring "big time" college football to Western New York and our students are a huge part of that."

Two big changes might help bring more students to the games. The first is 600 more prime seats for them and the second is big... Unassigned seating! No need to worry about getting tickets with your friends so you can cheer together.

It's placing the students at the front of growing UB athletics, they are the ones that have to help get UB to the next level.

  • UB Spectrum Preview

Wednesday night fight - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
After two weeks of playing non-conference opponents, the football team will finally get a chance to back up the comments made by senior defensive end Steven Means, who promised a Mid-American Conference championship before the season.

  • Queen City Sports Preview

Queen City SportsUB Looks To Open MAC Play With A Win - Queen City Sports
If the Bulls offense takes care of business the way I think they’re capable of, look for UB to take this game and start out MAC play 1-0.