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Talking Bull: Of the Big East and Bowls

But how will the Big East get their daily requirement of Vitamin C?
But how will the Big East get their daily requirement of Vitamin C?

Scurvy Watch: Big East

It's been long rumored and pretty well accepted as truth that in the post BCS game of musical chairs it's the Big East who would be left standing with the mid major programs. With Notre Dame walking way that became a near certainty and today it's official.

Sources: Atlantic Coast Conference working on deal with Orange Bowl - ESPN
The Atlantic Coast Conference and Orange Bowl are finalizing a deal that would pit the ACC champion against either Notre Dame, an SEC or Big Ten team starting after the 2014 regular season, sources told ESPN.

All of the major College Bowls are not contracted to the five "Power Conference".

Effectively this kills Big East football as a being anything better than the mid Majors. It may take a few years for the Body to cool off but trust me when I say "he's dead jim".

Boise and Louisville are now their hope for the Big bowl but the Bronco's, who signed on to a BCS conference that included Pitt and West Virginia, now will have as tough a go at getting those Big Name Bowl bids as they did when they were a part of the WAC.

Heck, it may be ever harder for them now. At least back in their WAC days the Bronco's could count on a BCS bowl if they finished in the top 8 (or ten or 12) and higher than the other Mid-Majors. Right now the primo Bowls are all contractually bound to the Big-12, Big10, ACC, SEC, and PAC12.

In other words, to those who have been crying for an end to the BCS system. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

Speaking of Future Big East teams

UCF is potentially on the verge of a ten or eleven win season. They want to bowl this year, even if it means they might not during their inaugural Big East season.

UCF Knights files appeal of ban, eligible for bowl until ruling - ESPN
Since the Knights have filed the appeal, they will remain eligible for a bowl game this season until the appeal is ruled on. If UCF wins the appeal, the Knights would be eligible to play in a bowl this season and next. However, if UCF's appeal is denied after the 2012 season has been completed, the Knights' postseason ban would take effect in 2013, making them ineligible for the Big East's more lucrative bowls when UCF joins its new conference next season.

Basically the program is getting spanked by the NCAA for a bunch of recruiting violations. Both their football and Basketball prgrams are going to be shut out one season. The question is which season.

I'm re-Lee-vied

Fred Lee is good to go and 100% for tomorrow nights game against Kent.

Campus Watch | The Buffalo News
"We’ve done a really good job at bringing him along but it’s a physical game and Fred is a tough guy,’’ Quinn said. "He wanted to play [against Morgan State] but I told him I think it’s best to get someone else in there and that I want him at 100percent. He respected that and has been a tremendous leader.’’

Shout out to Buff State

Congratulations to Buff State and former UB coach Greg Forrest. The Bengals just beat Wisconsin-Whitewater, the Alabama of Division II ball

Play Of The Week: Nation's Longest College Football Winning Streak Ended - From Our Editors -
Division III No. 1 Wisconsin-Whitewater entered Saturday without a loss in its last 46 games, including three straight national championships. That was the most dominant active streak in college football. Past tense, because Buffalo State's defense held on just long enough for a wild hook-and-ladder play that set up the road underdogs' streak-killing touchdown:

All it took was an amazing defense and a well placed hook and ladder play.

As you may remember Coach Forrest made for a good patsie and was roundly criticized by UB fans for the disaster that was our 2010 quarterback situation. After being dismissed from Amherst by Coach Quinn he landed a little ways down the 190 at Buff State.

Now by bringing the Bengals to a place where they are ranked nationally after beating a team that has not lost since 2009 Greg Forrest has shown 2010 Buffalo may have been an outlier for his career, not the defining moment.