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Talking Bull: Really Lane?

Big Girls don't blame other people for their mistakes Princess..
Big Girls don't blame other people for their mistakes Princess..

The Buck Stops... ummm... Over there!

Getting beaten as the number two team in the country is bad enough. When it's to a conference Rival that hurts even more. When it''s to a team that has lost one of the best players that they have ever had that's borderline shameful. When the coach of this losing team tries to throw his Quarterback under the bus that is pure pain.

USC Trojans coach Lane Kiffin puzzled by 'really poor decisions' by Matt Barkley - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- USC Trojans coach Lane Kiffin was puzzled by two "really poor decisions" made by Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley in the second quarter of USC's 21-14 road loss to Stanford on Saturday. And Kiffin went as far to call them some of the worst decisions he's ever seen Barkley make.

I'm sure princess Lane has some mirrors so how is it that he has never seen worse decisions than the ones Barkley made. Hell laying your Quarterback out like that *is* a worse decision than anything Barkley did Saturday.

It's a fine line but a pretty simple concept. As a coach *YOU* are always the guy who takes the blame the *PLAYERS* are always the ones to whom you should give credit. It's the one aspect of media contact in which platitudes are not only accepted but respected.

Even if your Quarterback made some awful calls you walk out to that conference and fall on a sword.

The sports media, especially bloggers, will do their part in tearing apart on the field mistakes. Your job, Lane, is to help your players shake off that loss and shoot for 11-1.

Is the MAC Back?

The MAC Daily thinks so, and here is why

The MAC Goes Back To The Future
Why is any of this relevant to a story about MAC football? Because that’s exactly how the first three weeks of the season felt. Good start, meh in the middle and then a home run to wrap up the "trilogy". Here are 5 thoughts why Saturday was a home run.



Simulated BCS Standings, Week 4: Ready For Another Alabama-LSU Rematch? -
USC's loss to Stanford means both LSU and Alabama are in position to weather a loss and still make the national title game, even if that loss does come in their Nov. 3 meeting. Below, the simulated BCS standings for Week 4 (official BCS standings won't be out for another few weeks, but many of its components are already known).

Ok if hits plays out let's just call it a season now. Please?

Quinn a little safer than Enos

Hard to believe but there is a MAC coach in more trouble this season than Quinn.

Hot Seat Watch 2012: Derek Dooley Still Warm, But What About Gene Chizik? -
At the mid-major level, things appear semi-hopeless for Akey and Enos. Soon-to-be-independent Idaho has gone 2-13 since the start of the 2011 season and is looking at a best-case scenario of about 4-8 this year. Meanwhile, Enos inherited a team that had gone to four consecutive bowl games and finished 23rd in the 2009 AP poll, and he is 7-19 in just over two seasons. Road trips to Iowa, Northern Illinois and Toledo could make CMU 1-4 heading into mid-October, and barring a dramatic rally, I don't see him getting a fourth year in Mount Pleasant.

Enos is actually better in record than Quinn but UB has shown some serious signs of life this season. That, nad some exceptional talent coming up, gives Quinn an edge.

Sockman is up

Stockman's intangibles elevate Bulls' defense - Sports - The Buffalo News
"He studies," Tepper said. "He knows where he's supposed to be. Is he the most gifted linebacker in our league? Probably not. But he is so instinctive. He works at it. He's a much better player than I anticipated just seeing him in the winter program workout."

Tennis anyone?

Day Two of Farnsworth/Princeton Invite Complete - Buffalo Athletics
Playing in the consolation round of the Nassau draw, Yevgeniy Jason Shkodnik pulled out thrilling come-from-behind three-set victory over Kyle Childree of Boston College. Shkodnik dropped the opening set, 6-2, then won a second-set tiebreaker, 7-5 to force the super-tiebreaker.

Shkodnik is the man, one of our BTFFs (Best Twitter Friends forever) Good to see him put a hurt lock on Boston College.

Or maybe Vollyball!

Bulls Claim Blue and White Classic Title In Front Of Record Crowd - Buffalo Athletics
In front of more than 1,000 people, the University at Buffalo volleyball team became Blue and White Classic champions as they swept Syracuse, 3-0 for the title. The victory was one of two 3-0 sweeps at the hands of the Bulls as they defeated Hartford earlier this afternoon. With the three victories this weekend, Buffalo evens its record at 6-6.

Just to be clear... There are MAC West Basketball teams that average less than 1,000 people per game. Way to go Ladies!