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Five Key Points and More Quick Hits - Bulls vs. Kent

This sceen used to give me chest pains last year. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE
This sceen used to give me chest pains last year. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE

It has been some time since a MAC game had this type of feeling in Amherst, NY. All expectations of the Bulls have changed for many after two weeks of college football. Buffalo is a three point favorite at home. A virtual pick 'em. My believe is that this game will come to five key points.

1. Turnovers

Both teams have been good with the ball. UB has one interception and Kent has fumbled the ball just once. I am giving the edge to Buffalo for a better offense but I am not sure what the D will bring. Coming into the season, many of us thought that the D would carry this team. D looked strong in Georgia without their best player in Khalil Mack. Buffalo gave up yards especially on the ground and 34 points to Morgan State. Morgan State only had 6 points against Akron (and gave up 66) over the weekend. UB has yet to take the ball away from an opponent this year. I am hoping the team saved interceptions and fumble recoveries for Wednesday.

2. Penalties.

After a very clean week in Georgia UB looked very undisciplined against Morgan State. Terrible holds away from the play to kill some great plays drove me nuts. Buffalo has more penalty yards 245 to Kent at 208.

3 - 4 Key Game Points, Kent Injuries, and more after the break.....

3. QB

This is a big game for Zordich. I started the season with strong doubts on UB moving the ball in the air. I had no concerns with Bo running the ball but the loss of Potts really hurt. This is a statement game for UB this year and specifically for Zordich. So far Zordich with a QB rating of 170.4 as compared to Spencer Keith from Kent at 118.9. Zordich has been the story of the year so far for UB football.

4. Kicking

After the disaster last year with kicking the ball for UB, this year Field Goals are 100% as compared to 33% for Kent. I do not think that this game will be close when the time expires. I see UB pulling away in the second half. If my prediction is wrong and the game boils down to field goals, I am giving the check mark to UB.

5. Red Zone Offense

Kent has struggled to score when in the Red Zone. UB is 100%. I like the UB's O line dominating for goal line stand. The other big factor is Neutz. Whether you you throw a jump ball to the back corner or a back shoulder, Neutz is a very special player that will make a differance. Bo just needs to be Bo. The best compliment I give him.

Kent State - Injury Report

P Player Status Injury Notes

WR T. Goode Ques. Hammy Goode did not play in the last two games

RB T. Durham Ques Arm Durham injured arm against Kentucky


Prediction for Wednesday will be the chilliest day of the week. When the game kicks off the temp will be hovering close to 60 degrees and dropping to the low 50's near the end of the game. Only a 10% chance of precipitation. It will be the windiest day of the week with an average wind speed of 9 degrees. Although we all know the Amherst Stadium can be used for wind tunnel experiments for GM. Sunset is 7:16 so be ready to see the light truck if you are going to the game.


UB has worked hard to provide numerous groups across Western New York tickets available. I look forward to a nice crowd. Helps that UB has showed good things the first two weeks this season. UB always did well with weeknight games.