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Friday Night Rant: The Curse of #1

During the Hofher years, no one ever wore the #1 jersey, something about no one player being above the team. That tradition was thrown out of the window for Darius Willis the most highly touted recruit in UB history. Willis requested the #1 jersey, and Turner Gill, always closing, gave it to him.

The Willis tenure at Buffalo included 3 games played, 10 tackles, 1 sack and a season-ending injury. Willis then transferred to Kansas to play with Turner Gill.

Without Willis, the #1 jersey was vacant, but not for long. Another highly touted recruit, James Potts, became #1. Potts sat on the bench for two years while Branden Oliver surpassed him as the unquestioned top back in Buffalo. Potts then takes his second career rushing attempt, 49-yards for a fantastic touchdown score but then...

you guessed it, a season-ending injury.

Two players over the course of four years, both brought to Buffalo to take UB to the next level, both failing to do that, both wore #1. I'm not one for silly superstitions, but should we lock that jersey back in the Equipment Room and never let it see the light of day again? After that freak injury, I say yes.

What say you UB nation? Are there any other Bulls who have worn #1? Have they avoided the curse, or are these two Bulls the only ones to Don #1?