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Why was I whining who should still be the QB at UB?

I used to live in Amherst, NY (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
I used to live in Amherst, NY (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Up until two weeks ago I was that old cramudgian who was railing against losing Zach Maynard the QB not Zach Maynard the student. I do get why Zach left for "greener pastures" at Cal. The Bay area is one of my favorite places in the world. Although nothing is better than Grand Island, NY. Zach was able to play with his brother Keenan Allen who is a stud college player who will play in the NFL. This year he gets to compete against Ohio State, USC, Oregon. OK, enough on why. UB only really got Zach because teams were afraid of Zach in class. Most teams were right. Zach would have missed Quinn's first year as coach due to academic reasons. So why not use the year to sit out to transfer to Cal.

This article is really not about Zach. It is about how wrong I was about Alex Zordich. Yes the season is very young and the jury is still out. But so far Zordich has more than impressed me. I am man enough to admit that my whining, crying, complaining, and everything else I did at Bull Run about not having a QB this year was wrong. Although I was not wrong about the mistake we had at QB last year. Reports from camp last year had Zordich and Anderson as a virtual toss up for the starting spot. Quinn under pressure to win went with what he thought would bring more victories, Anderson. Maybe Zordich learned how to be a QB by watching Anderson. I am not buying that. Nothing is better than being in live action situations to learn how to be a QB.

After the jump see the statistical numbers on Zordich and Maynard.

Here is the stats so far for both Zordich and Maynard. I do not want to hear that Cal has better teams to compete against. Cal lost to Nevada. Yeah, Nevada. Enough said. But Nevada is a good team this year, whatever. So is Georgia. Cal beat up on a Bowl Subdivision team in Southern Utah Thunderbirds. Yeah, Thunderbirds. See the numbers below and come to your own conclusion.

Effic Att Comp Pct Int Yards TD Long Avg. Game
Maynard 154.18 53 34 64.20% 1 474 3 37 237
Zordich 170.8 45 30 66.70% 1 385 5 38 192.5