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Talking Bull: Let's Do the Flop

It's the new dance all the College Kids are doing.... Let's do the flop!

Florida Players 'Flopping'? Just The Tip Of The Iceberg - From Our Editors -
The Texas A&M Aggies kicked off their inaugural season in the SEC by losing to the Florida Gators on Saturday. TAMU head coach Kevin Sumlin was obviously displeased by the turn of events and did a bit of venting on Tuesday. At one point, Sumlin accused the Florida players of "flopping," but probably not in the way you're thinking.

Of course nothing beats Cal for pure floppage... This one set the gold standard!

Tin foil hats anyone?

Big East Coast Bias - For Big East News and Commentary

This is obviously a big blow to the Big East. Losing Notre Dame in non-football sports just as the conference is about to go to the open market to negotiate a new television contract can only hurt. There are some who will see this move being announced just two weeks into the Big East's 60-day exclusive negotiating window as purely coincidental. I'm not one of those people. The Big East's bowl lineup, the new format of the postseason beginning in 2014, the league's new members scheduled to join next year were all known for months. This move being announced now was done for one reason.

Well the sites name does include the word Bias ;)

I'll admit I'm a trusting soul But I just don't see Notre Dame twisting their handlebar mustache while waiting to screw over the Big East. After all the Big East as a conference is pretty good at screwing themselves over, Notre Dame knows that better than most.

Speaking of that whole ND / ACC thing.

The Press conference made it seem like the Big East is no longer going to share a bowl with the ACC.

Twitter / ChiTribHamilton: #NotreDame AD Jack Swarbrick: ...
#NotreDame AD Jack Swarbrick: "We are on track to participate in other side of the Orange Bowl along with SEC & Big Ten. Details to follow."

So the Big East will no longer have a secure Bowl game against a top conference champ. They may pick up the #2 ACC team.