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Talking Bull: Boosters behaving Badly in the SEC? No way!

Pay the players you say...
Pay the players you say...

File this one under barely eyebrow lifting.

Coach claims booster paid Mississippi State Bulldogs recruit - ESPN
A football coach in Nashville says he witnessed a booster give Mississippi State freshman defensive back Will Redmond money, according to a radio interview.

This is yet another reason pay for play is a bad idea, we don't need it because the SEC, Big10, and PAC12 schools are already paying players in the form of "Booster Bonds". Need some tats? or a nice place to live. There's a sap (booster) for that!

Hows the old joke go? Mississippi State is probably the most ethical team in the SEC, and rank 111th nationally.

This Week in Schadenfreude

This Week In Schadenfreude: The Hog Containment Field Has Been Shut Off -
Next Week: All the Big Ten teams lose again. ULM beats Auburn. Yes that is totally happening. Arkansas gets taken to the woodshed, spawning another dozen bizarre pig-themed cover songs. And Florida-Tennessee drives Orson to drink turpentine.

I sure wish the SBNation Schadenfreude guys would troll the MAC boards... After all we have three MAC sites!

This Weeks ABC's

The Alphabetical, Week 2: The Week Of The Bulldog -
Questionable Playcall Of The Week: Not that it mattered, but going for it on 4th and 11 with a fake punt against Georgia, a team burned last year in the South Carolina game on a fake punt, might have been playing into the teeth of preparation. Also, South Carolina used giant attack human Melvin Ingram on theirs, and Mizzou put theirs in the hands of Trey Barrow, a fine athlete who is decidedly NOT a giant attack human.

Well if anyone is safe being named Melvin it would be Georgia's "Giant Attack Human"

Volleyball is hurting

This is one of those programs at UB on the verge of conference relevance but their last tournament did not really pan out too well.

Upperclassmen unable to dig Bulls out of Cleveland State troubles - Sports - The Spectrum
The defense stood tall at the net, but the offense was absent again for the volleyball team at the Cleveland State Invitational over the weekend.

Forget the rigors of daylight savings time

In the MAC we have midweek savings time. Well it's that time of year again and Coach Quinn has moved his "Mental Monday" to Friday!

Bulls have plenty of time to prep for Kent State - YNN, Your News Now
"It's like a half of a bye week kind of deal. We don't have a game this Saturday which his weird. It's out of routine a little bit," said wide receiver Alex Neutz. "That's why we're here today and tomorrow, we're out here to try to keep our same routine, then we'll start our game week on Friday."