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Bull Run Draft Ballot : Week 2


Time for the members of the Blog Poll to take their first ballot draft and throw themselves upon the not so tender mercies of their readerships.

Please feel free to use the comments section below to tell me why I'm wrong and who you would move to fix it.

Big moves this week with losses by Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State.

Arkansas was easily the upset of the week as the Razorbacks were put back by the ULM Warhawks.

For their effort I've moved ULM into the top 25. You can't be undefeated and punt a top 10 team out of the poll without some reward.

Most of the movement was the 'slide' that results teams move up just because someone below them falls though a bit.

Teams that moved into the poll

Arizona: Good news for Toledo if the Wild Cats are for real. Anyone that can crush Oklahoma State that way is better than a 4 or 5 win PAC 12 squad.

Louisville Cardinals: Not only their win but UConn's struggles move them into the Big East "slot" that I try to hold for each non power conference.

Gators and Volunteers: I hate to move more ess-eee-see teams into the poll but can't really justify not having these two in play right now. At least I got to punt Arkansas out for now.

UCLA: 2-0 and they punted Nebraska out of the rankings.

Aside from the teams that dropped out completely the only big loser was UCF.

I am not quite ready to show them the door just yet but that loss to Ohio has got them on deaths door.