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Talking Bull: Camp Quinn is in Session

The accommodations are somewhat less rustic at UB's campvia <a href=""></a>
The accommodations are somewhat less rustic at UB's campvia


With summer camp underway some questions need to get answerd:

The first of course is about UB's quarterback

UB starts QB search - UB Football - The Buffalo News
In all likelihood, Quinn will name his starter no later than a day or two after UB's second summer scrimmage on Aug. 18. Until a decision is made, Zordich and Licata will take the majority of first-team snaps and seek to lay claim.

Let's help the Buffalo News... It's going to be Zordich! Now Licata may get a shot at some point this season but nothing we have seen from Coach Quinn leads me to beleive he will start a freshman who's never taken a snap against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Linebacker Depth

The same news article states that UB lost two linebackers to academic issues.

Linebackers Jaleel Verser, a starter coming off a so-so sophomore season, and Wonderful Monds are academic casualties and no longer on the roster.

Verser was a starter so depth or not that's going to leave a mark

How Good is Alex Neutz

Neutz has the potential to make a Naaman Roosevelt sized impact on UB Football

Neutz is UB's top receiver - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Alex Neutz can't believe where the time has gone. Wasn't he just a redshirt freshman soaking up all the knowledge he could from the likes of fellow receivers Naaman Roosevelt and Brett Hamlin? Could it really be that he's now the No. 1 target in UB's receiving corps, the wideout from whom the most is expected?

Yea that good, and he will need to be until a UB Quarterback steps up and shows that the Bulls can sling the ball around to anyone.

For on the scene coverage go check out Queen City Sports!

Queen City Sports – UB Hopes 2012 Is A Stepping Stone Year
If UB is going to succeed in 2012, they will need to come together as a unit and finally get everything running as expected.

Conference Realignment and SUNY

smAlbany and Stony Brook are moving their football programs to the CAA. This is a mixed blessing for UB as one of these school will eventually tempt and FBS conference and squeeze an already tight New York recruiting market.

Albany and Stony Brook to join CAA football - NCAA -
The additions will give the CAA at 10 members next season, when Georgia State and Old Dominion move up to FBS and Rhode Island leaves for the Northeast Conference.

The upside is when SUNY has to adress things like funding for athletics UB, Albany, and Stony Brook should be in lock step. That's 3 out of four of the university centers that are all on the same page.