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Buffalo Bulls Weekly Pick Em' Game

Entering the third season, and the first year for it's new home on Bull Run, is the Bull Run Weekly Pick Em' game. A fast paced thrilling game that allows you to win such big prizes as false self esteem, bragging rights over 20 -23 people, a firm handshake, full priced football ticket to a future Bulls game, and much more. Bask in the glory of previous winners Bulls2010 and BullsFaninChiTown (shameless Plug for me and I wanted to see if I can type the longest handle in Bulls History.) As Chris Berman picks the Buffalo Bills every year for the Super Bowl, I pick ChubbyHubby. No one Circles the SUV around a case of homemade Beer at UB Stadium like ChubbyHubby.

So if you are new to the game or just forgot how it's done, basically here is all that you have to do. Reply to the post when put up with the point spread with the Bulls Score and the Opponents Score plus a mandatory blurb and why you picked that score or random fact on the animal kingdom. I will do all the work from that point forward.

After the jump is the official rules but you are a real man and you do not need no stinkin' directions or rules. Like the time you tried to put together that IKEA Home Entertainment System. How did the directions work then tough guy? Alan Wrench, I'll show you an Alan Wrench.

Ikea_assembly_medium Buffalo Bulls

Here are the unofficial rules how the points are tabulated:

Score Prediction Points:

Predict both team's correctly ~ 5 points + all other point totals.

Predict only one of the teams’ score correctly ~ 3 points.

Predict the team’s points +/- 3 - 1 point.

Total Points:

Add total picks, if same total as final, 3 points.*

Add your picks together and +/- 6 points, 1 point.

· Your score does not have to be the same as final to achieve 3 points.

For example UB 24 + Georgia 21 = 45. 3 points given for UB 35 +Georgia 10 = 45

Picking the Winner

Pick the correct winner, 1 point.


This is how your pick should look:

Buffalo 24 Georgia 17 (plus mandatory comment as stated above!)

Final Score: Buffalo 24 - Georgia 21.

Your point total:

0 Score not predicted right on.

3 Predicting the Buffalo Score Correctly.

0 Pitt score (not within 3)

0 Picking the point total right on. (45 vs. 41)

1 Picked total points within 6 points (45 – 41 = 4)

1 One Point for picking the correct winner.

5 Total Points for the week.

Confused, Good. Get your picks in when I ask and then you will figure it out.

The highest score you can achieve in one week is 15. All picks must be on the board before kick-off. As soon as the ball is in the air, no more entries will be added. I will try to be as diligent as possible to update throughout the week with picks and provide the wining results as soon as I can. I welcome any changes or additions as long as they are not moranic. Please send me your thoughts. David GO BULLS!