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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: Game 1 "WE ARE" versus "Offy’s Army"

After a long grueling July Training Camp the season is ready to start and the Game to kick it all off is Brian's "We Are" Versus "Offy’s Army".



"We Are" looks snazzy in their Mock PSU uniforms of Craig Cirbus’s led Buffalo Bulls. While Cirbus was not, on paper, a great coach for UB he did have some success and started putting Bulls into the NFL.

The "We Are" take the field led by Quarterback Gordon Bukaty (1959) Half Back Anthony Swan (1996) and has a receiving corps consisting of Andre Ford 2002, Kali Watkins 1998, and Terrell Jackson (2011)
. On the tight end is Alex Dennison.

Hes using UB's 1942 defense and is relying on Dallas Pelz (2003) to take care of kicking.

This Weeks Captain for the "WA" is none other than Bukaty:

"First game of the season, who do you look to to settle the nerves of the new season and get the team off to the right start? My money is going to be on the veteran Quarterback, the general on the field. The We Are......Because You Were Bulls will be led to victory by none other J. Gordon Bukaty. The 3 year starter from 1958 -1960, a member of the UB Athletic Hall Of Fame, class of 1969 and one of the many leaders on the 1958 Lambert Cup winning team who's story you should know if you call yourself a UB Fan.

How can you argue with the leadership and success of a player who holds a record of 20 wins and 8 loses behind center. That's a percentage of 70%+ while leading the charge. On top of that, he is seventh all time with 25 passing touchdowns and chipping in an additional 12 rushing TDs. He is second all time with a 135.6 QB Rating. And First overall with a record 8.1yards per passing attempt.

Im fairly confident that with Bukaty taking charge in this first game, combined with 4 of the top 10 all time leaders in all purpose yards as weapons, one of the best ever kickers in UB history, and a stout defense on the other side of the ball only giving up 6.5 points per game, Im fairly certain the We Are....Because You Were Bulls will come out ahead."

Offysuniform_medium Via

In a twist of Irony "Offy's Army" 1959 uniform is being sported, here, by none other than J. Gordon Bukaty. The Unofrm symbolizes what has to be, to date, the Golden age of UB Football.

The Army is led by the 1949-1950 "Touchdown Twins" of Quarterback Tracy Latona and Receiver Edmond "Doc G" Gicewicz. Aside from Tight End Jessie Rack (2009) and current UB kicker Patrick Clarke the Army is entirely composed of players from the Classical Era of UB football.

The other receivers are Doc Ashley and Running the Ball is Richard Doll (1956) and Raymond Weser (1949). The Army is led by the 1959 defense.

This weeks captain for "Offy's Army" is Jessie Rack:

"Jessie Rack had about the best season that you could ever expect from a tight end. Many might point at some of our other recent tight ends like Chad Upshaw but Racks Senior Season saw him put up numbers you typically see out of star receivers.

Rack hauled in 30 receptions for well over 400 yards. Rack's seven touchdowns were the second most by any player, at any position, on that edition of the Bulls. Only Naaman Roosevelt managed more touchdowns in 2009 and even he fell short of Rack’s 14.4 yards per reception.

Jessie Rack became a devastating weapon off the line, there is nothing like it on any of the other Buffalo fantasy teams. He was one of only four non-BCS tight ends named to the 2009 John Mackey Award Midseason Watch. After the 2009 campaign the conference recognized him as the best tight end in the league.

Alex Dennison, of the "We Are" team has some potential, but no single season nor the sum of his career can match up against Racks 2009 season. The Tight end is a critically important position for any team to really punish a defense.

Today Rack is a graduate assistant at Florida Atlantic, building towards a future in coaching."

So there are your choices UB Nation:

Which Team made a better case for their squads superiority? Vote on any criteria you wish!