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Talking Bull: The Second most troubled team in Pennsylvania

Paul Chryst, The fourth Panther Coach in what, 13 months?
Paul Chryst, The fourth Panther Coach in what, 13 months?

What Kind of world is this:

How upside down is the world when Temple is the most functional, stable, program in the state of Pennsylvania? It's not so much that the owls are tearing it up but more because Penn State and Pitt are just having an awful time of it. Temple is on something of an upward trend but given Penn State is in the B10 and Pitt is ACC bound eventually, perhaps even in our lifetimes, sanity will prevail and the PA pecking order will fall back into place.

For now Pitt's circumstances are a whole lot less dire than Penn State but some questionable hires and a few off the field issues make the Panthers a vulnerable target for the Mid-Major looking to slay an AQ/Power Conference team.

2 Pitt players suspended, 1 leaves program - NCAA -
PITTSBURGH (AP) - University of Pittsburgh coach Paul Chryst has suspended two players and announced the transfer of a backup quarterback. Chryst suspended junior offensive lineman Juantez Hollins for the 2012 season due to a "violation of team policy.'' Hollins played in 13 games last year and started in seven. Hollins will remain a member of the team.

So let's to the math on Pitt:

They have had 4 coaches in just over a year, they have lost 3 offensive lineman to graduation and one to "team policy". Their bread and butter running back is coming off ACL injury? They have 7 new starters on defense, and their returning QB has more picks than touchdowns last season.

And this was a pitt team that really struggled with Buffalo, in Pitt, last year!

But It could be worse:

Pitt, for all their troubles, have a nice soft landing spot in the ACC. If they get their coaching situation nailed down they should soo be the best program in the state. Penn State will likely need quite a bit more time.

Penn State Transfer Tracker: Who's Leaving For Where? - From Our Editors -
The anticipated Penn State mass transfer exodus hasn't quite happened as some had feared, but more than a half-dozen players already appear to be striking out for elsewhere, including star running back Silas Redd to USC, quite a few other juniors, and a top incoming freshman defensive tackle.

So far they have lost nine players and a hand full of verbal commitments. It's not quite hemmoraging yet (just three expected starters) but eventually they are going to hit a tipping point.

This Is What Justin Brown Has To Deal With - From Our Editors -
Justin Brown is reportedly transferring from Penn State to Oklahoma. He's well within his rights to do so and is able to make the move without penalty, as a result of the sanctions Penn State was hit with. In fact, it's hard to blame him for leaving and choosing to join a depleted Oklahoma wide receiver corps. In Norman, OK, he'll be able to go to a bowl and, in all likelihood, a very good one.

One person the Lions can count on is incoming freshman Akeel Lynch from St Joes.

Lynch staying at Penn State - National college football - The Buffalo News
Lynch, an incoming freshman running back, tweeted Friday evening that he would be staying with the Nittany Lions: "I will be wearing #22 in Blue&White jersey come Sept. 1st #WeStillAre #PennState #Sorryforthewait"

I'm sure he got a call from Coach Quinn but even if Lynch were to leave Penn State the rumor was he would head to Iowa.

Meanwhile Back in Buffalo

Steven Means sees good things coming this year.

UB's Means wants to go out a winner - UB Football - The Buffalo News
"I see us winning a MAC Championship this year first and foremost, and I see us going to a bowl game, whatever bowl game we decide to go to, and winning that one, too," Means said Wednesday at the 2012 UB Football Kickoff Luncheon. "I have a vision. It's not a dream because a dream is something that can be chased but never come true. A vision is something that is destined to happen.

A great test for Director White

If you want to see if Director White has a good eye for coaches you don't need to wait for the Football or Hoops teams to need a new coach.

Sandy Calfo Hired as University at Buffalo Rowing Head Coach - Buffalo Athletics
University at Buffalo Director of Athletics Danny White has announced the hiring of Sandy Calfo as head coach of the women's rowing program. Calfo replaces Rudy Wieler who retired in May after 11 years at the helm of the program.

This is the second head coach hire White has made. While the Women's Basketball team might have a bit more visibility it will take a few seasons for even a great coach to turn them around. Womens Rowing, on the other hand, is a power in the region. They are deep and talented and should be competing for more CAA championships right away.

Coach Calfo has been handed a team who's sustained success should be the current standard by which all other UB programs measure themselves.