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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: Hofher's Heroes vs. Old Willie

This game is all about Chad vs Chad.

With Cliff Scott (1995) behind center the Willies hope to dish the ball often to Naaman Roosevelt (2009), Alex Neutz, and tight end Chad Upshaw. Their backfield is manned by Branden Thermilus (2010) and Willie Evans (1959).

Defensively the team relies on the 1947 unit. But they lack a kicker because Matt seems this think that

The Willie's have named Chad Upshaw their captain this week

Week three against Conrad I'm going to take clear aim at maybe the riskiest pick in the draft... Conrad's "tight end" Trevor Scott.

That fishy smell in the air is the unavoidable fact that, no matter how good Scott was for UB off the d line, he was pretty much spinning his wheels on offense before the position switch. In pandering for votes by taking a big, recognizable name, Conrad has hurt his team by putting a player in a spot where he hasn't been that successful.

Chad Upshaw, on the other hand, will be a key cog in the BCBull offense, as he was in the mid 2000s. While he wasn't my top TE target going into the draft, Chad had a more than successful career at UB, was recognized nationally for his play, and (fact check) might have been the first UB player since Drew Haddad to get a shot in the NFL.

Plus his cousin is former NFL bigwig Gene Upshaw, who once threatened to break Joe D's neck. Just saying. He'll probablly play some hard nosed football.

Oh, and once the offseason comes, Chad will play basketball for Reggie Witherspoon. A man of many talents

The Heroes line up Chad Salisbury behind center. He will be tossing the rock to Jamie Gasparre, Doc smith, and a linebacker playing for New England named Trevor Scott.

With the first pick of the draft he loaded his backfield with James Starks.

He took the defense from 1983 and a kicker from the mid 90's named Mark Mozrall.

Conrad opted to bring in his Quarterback, Chad Salisbury.

Any mediocre coach knows after a tough loss you sometimes have to pack all your stuff and move to the next assignment. I've moved, but I'm committed to Hofher's Heroes, this job is not a stepping stone for me, and the rumors that have me taking over Offy's Army are unfounded and not true!

As I just got internet, and am in the middle of unpacking, I really didn't have a lot of time to focus on this weeks opponent. Who am I playing again?



This week's captain, the subject of 99 for 99: #58 my quarterback, Mr. 400, Chad Salisbury.

Chad was a Division 1 FBS QB on a team of FCS, D2 and D3 talent. He still got his yardage, but his team prevented him from getting his wins. My opponent has one of the most dangerous offenses in UB history...but the field marshal is an FCS QB.

This is DIVISION 1 FOOTBAWWW, Cliff Scott go play intramurals brother. The 1947 defense is good, but they are going to have to take risks to shut down the Niagara County Backfield. After a few weeks of running the ball and controlling the clock, it's time to unleash Chad. Hofher's Hereos will be 2-1 on the arm of another 400 yard performance by the Chad.