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Talking Bull: So you're saying there's a chance!

Bill Polian thinks we have a chance!

I have always thought Polian got something of a rough Deal with the Buffalo Bills, and perhaps with the Indianapolis Colts. The guy built two winning NFL programs virtually back to back, so it was nice to hear his thoughts on the Bulls.

Polian likes UB's chances - UB Football - The Buffalo News
"First of all, you have to have the commitment to do it," Polian said, comparing his early years with the Bills to this year's UB squad. "People said: 'You can't do it, it's cursed, you never win in Buffalo.' Buffalo was the butt of jokes on Johnny Carson and things of that nature, and we just said: 'No. This is not going to be the case.'"

6 gets you a Bowl.

Of course in College football these days 6 wins often gets you a bowl, and it looks like thats not going to change any time soon.

Terrible Bowl Games Could Survive Playoff System, For Now - From Our Editors -
"I see it staying at 6-6 for the foreseeable future," said Wright Waters, the new executive director of the Football Bowl Association. "When commissioners went back to their conferences, they found out there's an awful lot of support for 6-6.

I'm not one who thinks that six wins is too few. Lets face it the lower tier bowl games are exhibition games with little money or prestige on the line. What teams do get is more practice time and perhaps some good memories for players.

But if you want a Bowl Game with money

'Champions Bowl' Already Worth As Much Money As Rose Bowl - From Our Editors -
The SEC and Big 12 own themselves a bowl game that has yet to host a game or even select a city, and it's already worth as much TV money as the oldest, most-storied, and most-romanticized bowl.

Smartly done by the SEC and Big12. Many had thought the Big12 was on deaths door not too long ago, I was among them. The conference has secured a solid future and has far fewer mouths to feed than some of the other FBS conferences.

The MAC is not immune to sanations

Hustle Belt runs through all the NCAA violations by MAC teams, including Buffalo.

A History Of MAC School NCAA Violations: A Fake Runner, A Punch In The Face, And A Black-Market Textbook Ring

Seven football and men's basketball players received improper financial aid and for that, received a year of probation. Of course, this is right about when Buffalo #$@!canned their football program so this just affected their basketball.

UB Track team could send to to the Niagara Hall Of Fame

Rob Golabek and Asia Henry Nominated for Niagara Track and Field Hall of Fame Awards - Buffalo Athletics
The Niagara Track & Field Hall of Fame announced the finalists for a new annual awards program, with a pair of Buffalo track and field stars among the field in the running for a pair of major awards.