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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: Chitowns Finest vs. "We Are"

Two rounds down and three to go! So far here are the standings:

Team Wins Losses %F TV
Offy's Army 2 0 126 12
Old Willie 2 0 121 12
Dibble's Dazzlers 1 1 126 10
Hofher’s Heroes 1 1 95 9
ChiTown' Finest 0 2 82 7
We Are 0 2 48 4

This round starts with a battle of the winless teams. Whoever loses this game will clinch a losing record while the winner starts to climb back up in the standings.

"We Are" take the field led by Quarterback Gordon Bukaty (1959) Half Back Anthony Swan (1996) and has a receiving corps consisting of Andre Ford 2002, Kali Watkins 1998, and Terrell Jackson (2011). On the tight end is Alex Dennison.

Hes using UB's 1942 defense and is relying on Dallas Pelz (2003) to take care of kicking. This Weeks Captain for the "WA" is Terrell Jackson. It seems Brian used his flex back to shore up his special teams:

This week the We Are.........Because You Were Bulls will be led to victory by none other than my "flex" player, WR/KR/PR Terrell Jackson. After arriving at UB in 2007, Terrel saw immediate action that season primarily at Kick Returner, where he averaged 17.9 yards per return. In 2009, after redshirting in 2008, Terrell saw his role expand at Wide Receiver while still maintaining his return duties. Too the tune of 16.3 KR yards per return and also chipping in a 30yard Touchdown PASS. The following year, 2010, Terrell had his best season while at UB. Not only did Terrell become an even bigger target at WR, he also excelled at Punt Returns. He averaged 15.5 yards per Punt Return, which led the whole MAC Conference and it garnered him not only First Team All Mac at Punt Return Specialist accolades, but also he was picked as Phil Steele's All MAC First Team at Punt Return as well.

Unfortunately, 2011 didnt turn out quite so well for Terrell. During the seventh game of the season against Temple, Terrell suffered a season ending neck injury. Even though his season was cut short, Terrell ended the season 7th amongst the Wide Receivers with yards gained, he led the team in Punt Return, Kick Off Return, and All purpose Yards. But his importance to UB Special Teams was made clear following his injury, in the very next game against Northern Illinois, UB couldnt find anybody able of merely catching a punt without putting it on the ground, let alone actually gaining some yards on a return. Sometimes you dont realize how important a player actually was until you dont have him available anymore. Even with the shortened season, Terrell still ended up being awarded Third Team All MAC at Punt Return Specialist.

When it was all said and done, Terrell found himself 6th all time with 278 PR Yards, 2nd with an average of 11.12yards per PR. He is the all time leader at KR yardage with 1620 yards. And he quietly founds himself 10th all time in all purpose yards with 2712 (32 rushing, 782 receiving, 1620 on KR, and 278 on PR). He truly epitomizes the "flex" spot on my team.

With Terrell winning the field position battle with his returns, setting up a short field for the offense led by Gordon Bukaty, throwing to Andre Ford, Kali Watkins, and Terrell himself, and the rushing of Anthony Swan (remember these four players are 4 out of the top ten in all purpose yards) and the stout 1942 defense giving up a mere 6.5 point per game I have faith that the We Are.....Because You Were Bulls will get their first tally in the win column.

ChiTown's Finest features the 2008 defense, Drew Willy, and Ernest Jackson. They are joined by tight end Chad Bartoszek (2002), Rusty Knapp (1993) and Running Backs Alan Bell(1992) and Lee Jones (1969).

ChiTown is going with Tight End Chad Bartoszek.

This week is Bartoszeks to take over, not that he isn't used to doing that every week anyway. The tight tend from the early 2000s is second place in UB history in receptions and yards, and in third place in touchdowns. With the best QB in UB history throwing to him now, his numbers will be even better and more productive. Not to mention, he can help open holes up for Alan Bell, or Lee Jones.

Sure, our opponent technically has one of the greatest defenses in UB history, but to be honest I am not that scared. The 1942 defense is not used to such a large, physical man who has extremely soft hands. They also arent used to wearing anything but a leather helmet, which may cause some issues for them as the game goes on. They don't give up a lot of points, but I am sure that my offense, lead by Willy and the elite rushing combination of Bell and Jones will find the endzone not once, or twice but 5-6 times throughout the game.

So who takes this game?