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Know Your Bulls: #15 Alex Zordich

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Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.

Position: Quarterback

From: Youngstown, Ohio

Backed up Chazz Anderson, Played in 4 games

Zordich initially won the starting job mid way through 2010 as a true freshman. Four games into his tenure his ribs were broken and he was sidelined for the remainder of the season. Last season Chazz Anderson transferred in and Zodrich was relegated to the second string.

So long as UB has Jeff Quinn as a head coach they will never announce a clear starter during the spring or summer. Despite the lack of an official announcement all spring it was clear that Zordich was going to be the starter, something that he drove home during game.

Zordich threw three scores against the first team defense. Aside from the touchdowns it was not a mind blowing day but a respectable showing. He also looked a lot less likely to tuck it and give up quickly on a play than we saw two seasons ago.

So going into Georgia it will be Zordich leading the Bulls. Behind him is redsirt freshman Joe Licata.