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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: "Old Willie" versus "Chitown's Finest"

After watching 2010 demolish "We Are" in what has been the least competitive "game" the question is will Old Willie stay ahead or can ChiTown get over the tough loss to Hofher's Heroes.

Chi-Town is still rocking a very Championship heavy team. He features the 2008 defense, Drew Willy, and Ernest Jackson. They are joined by tight end Chad Bartoszek (2002), Rusty Knapp (1993) and Running Backs Alan Bell(1992) and Lee Jones (1969).

Noting some of the success the old school players are having ChiTown leads with Lee Jones

Given that taking to the air did not work out too well in round one ChitTown's finest will take to the ground in round two. When our flex back runs the ball he has just one thing in mind, the endzone.

Lee jones was the best "Touchdown Vulture" in UB history. During the 1966 season Jones was not his teams feature back but he was the guy who always finished the job. Jones capped off a record breaking season with a three touchdown performance against Youngstown state. When all was said and done Jones finished 1966 with 96 points and 16 touchdown runs, both stood as records until James Starks broke them in 2008.

He would follow up that junior year with 12 the next season. Over the course of those two seasons Jones played 20 games and scored and incredible 28 touchdowns, no UB running back has ever come close to that pace over the course of two years.

Jones currently stands at second all time scoring, fifth all time in yardage, and fourth all time in attempts and the vast marjoity of that came in just two seasons under doc Ulrich.

Old Willie is coming off the right side of an upset last week. Quarterback and captain Cliff Scott (1995) beat Dibble's Dazzlers.

This week he hopes to dish the ball often to Naaman Roosevelt (2009). His other players are Alex Neutz, and tight end Chad Upshaw at Receiver and tight end with Branden Thermilus (2010) and Willie Evans (1959) in the backfield.

Defensively the team relies on the 1947 unit and have Tom McLaughlin kicking for them

The biggest reason I've picked this matchup is quite simply because Naaman is quite a bit better than any other WR in Bulls history save Drew Haddad, and this disparity is really evident against ChiTown's wideouts. Ernest Jackson was a great player for the Bulls, but he was Naaman's contemporary and below him on the depth chart. Rusty Knapp benefited from playing with the gunslinger
playing QB for my team, and neither of them ever put up 1400 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns like my number one wideout.

Furthermore, the fleet footed and sure handed Roosevelt will find a lot of success working against the 2008 Bulls defense, which was the definition of bend but don't break, finding its success in key turnovers. Even into his NFL days, Naaman has a reputation for being willing to go across the middle and take the big hit, and it will be tough for the 2008 defense to succeed against my offense if it can't knock the ball loose from the go to guy.