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Know Your Bulls: #17 Alex Dennison

Dennison sporting #12 last season via <a href="">UBAthletics</a>
Dennison sporting #12 last season via UBAthletics

Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.

Position: Tight End

From: Irwin, Pennsylvania

Played in all 12 games last season

Coming out of spring ball Dennison is in a dog fight with Jimmy Gordon for the starting tight end job. Each is bringing different things to the position so no matter who "wins the job" you're going to see a lot from both of them this year.

Guest Writer BRJ ;)

Alex, recruited as a Quarterback, arrived at UB in 2009. That season, due to Maynard taking over the team, Alex was redshirted. In 2010, upon Coach Quinns arrival, Alex got his chance to compete for the starting QB position. And he saw some time on the field early on in the season when time was back and forth between himself and Jerry Davis. However, when it became apparent that Coach Quinn would have other options available to him for the future, Alex found himself odd man out. Instead of hanging his head or being angry that he wasnt getting his shot, Alex said "what can I do for the team."

With the Special Teams on Kick and Punt coverage. During a time, and one could say still is, that UB Special Teams are indeed "special"(not in a good way) and the mantra for every UB fan became "COVER A DAMN KICK", Alex took to his new role pitching in three tackles. Three tackles doesnt sound like much, I admit, but his benefit was more than that. When coverage teams couldnt cover a dead turtle, Alex was most often the first player down the field and disrupting the returns of the opponent while he was in there. He made Special Teams, not so "special"

In 2011, after finally getting his new assignment to Tight End, Alex wowed the assembled crowd for the first home game of that season with a 57 yard seam route for a touchdown on the first offensive play and went on to be a target the rest of the season. Now, he's poised to enter 2012 as the starter at Tight End, and we can only wait to see how he continues to write his story.