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Talking Bull: UNC Scandal is all that bad

Especially mine when I read this:

The UNC Scandal And One Big Excuse To Be Outraged Again -
I went to Boston College, a school with stricter academic standards than most and less pressure to win than most other big time programs. Even there, athletes could reschedule exams at will, had tutors on call to help them write term papers, and probably/definitely got favorable treatment from a few professors on campus. Nothing illegal or even close to illegal, just ... Our academic experience wasn't the same. This is what bugs me most about this shocked tone of all the vigilante journalism surrounding college sports. Did these people ever go to college? Have they ever spoken to athletes? Have any of these college sports reporters ever followed college sports?

Most times I read stuff from Andrew Sharp I can raise my hands and say "Amen" (figuratively speaking). This time however I could not disagree with him more.

I was never an athlete but I did teach Engineering labs attended by a couple of UB Athletes during the FCS to FBS transition and I don't think half of what he describes is "special treatment"

  • Reschedule Exams: So long as the exam was different whats the special treatment? Don't you think most professors would do the same thing for a person with a job interview?
  • Tutors: This is one of the other things I did for money. Most universities offer free tutors, and not just to athletes.

It's not so much the fact an athlete got some favorable treatment which is outrageous its how many athletes and just how far it went. It is shocking that an entire department at a university seemed to forget it's academic mission, it was a systemic and institutional (yes I went there) problem at an otherwise very good school.

Lane is taking his ball and going home

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott calls USA Today coaches' poll a 'fallacy' - ESPN Los Angeles
"I think it's an unfair position to put the coaches in, to supposedly vote objectively when they've got a very natural conflict of interest, No. 1, and, No. 2, I think most coaches are focused on their own games -- let alone breaking down tape afterwards and all that," Scott said. "So to expect that coaches could have a good, balanced, well-researched perspective on who the best teams are in any given week is a fallacy."

Maybe if Kiffin did not make a big deal about not voting USC #1, then voting USC #1 there would be no problem.

Ontario Sneed passes away at 25

Ontario Sneed CMU RB 2005-2008 Passes Away - Hustle Belt
The Morning Sun is reporting that Sneed has passed away. An unconfirmed message board report says it was from heart complications. He was 25 years old. That's far too young. Our hearts go out to his friends and family.

Way too young... Matt sums it up "ur hearts go out to his friends and family. Thats all you can really say

Buffalo Bulls go 3-1 in Canada

Bulls Conclude Canadian Tour with Emphatic Win - Buffalo Athletics
The Bulls were led by Javon McCrea who finished with 19 points and 16 rebounds. The junior forward shot 7-for-10 from the field. Will Regan had his best game of the tour with 16 points, including 2-of-3 from beyond the arc.

UB Soccer getting ready for the season

Talented Recruiting Class Readies for 2012 - Buffalo Athletics
The Buffalo men's soccer team will have depth to spare coming into the 2012 season, with eight newcomers joining a team that welcomes back nine starters and 15 letter winners from last year's squad. Bringing in depth at nearly every position, interim head coach David Hesch is optimistic that the new members of the team will have a chance to excel right away.