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Talking Bull: Where Honey Badgers Roam..

Not to be seen on several campuses via <a href=""></a>
Not to be seen on several campuses via

There are few things that annoy me more than the casual views that many take on drugs. Even if an illicit drug "should" be legal it should not be a joke when someone risks their future using it.

LSU Denied Jackson State, Southern Permission To Talk To Tyrann Mathieu, According To Reports -
Tyrann Mathieu, better known as the Honey Badger, is having a hard time finding another football team to play for. Mathieu was thrown off of the LSU Tigers last week after reportedly failing multiple drug tests. However, Mathieu is still eligible to play college football at the FBS level this season. According to Travis Downey, Jackson State was denied permission to speak with Mathieu by LSU. In the same vein, the school has also not granted Southern access to Mathieu, per Mike McCall.

You're seriously going to throw away not only a solid education from LSU but you're even going to throw away the football part of your scholarship for drugs? Anyone who doubts how addictive some of these "harmless" drugs are need to ask themselves if someone would throw away the things they love for something that's merely "recreational".

But speaking of being high

Denard Robinson Thinks He's Faster Than Usain Bolt, Is Delusional - From Our Editors -
The Michigan Wolverines are quite fond of their quarterback Denard Robinson, who is gearing up for the 2012 college football season and might just enter the Heisman Trophy conversation by the end of the year. It's easy to see why they love him when he makes endearing, adorable comments like, "I could outrun Usain Bolt."

No Denard, you stand no more of a chance at outrunning Bolt than I do, you would just look better losing to him than I would.

And speaking of being low

Experts: Penn State Nittany Lions warning is serious, necessary - ESPN
An accreditation warning issued to Penn State is serious and necessary given the issues raised by a recent child sex-abuse scandal, but the school is unlikely to lose the all-important designation, experts said Tuesday.

This is a real kick in the teeth, and an unnecessary one, for Penn State. I fail to see how the misdeeds of one department even if there was some complicity by high ups at the university, merits any risk to Penn States Academic Standing.

Meanwhile Back in the Big East

Mike Aresco Officially Named New Big East Commissioner -
The Big East Conference has named former CBS VP Mike Aresco as its new commissioner. The official word came from the league Tuesday, after an unanimous vote from its presidents. The news was initially reported Tuesday morning.

The Big East is one, maybe two bad years away from total football implosion. Aresco has to find a place for the conference in the post BCS world and do so in such a way that they continue to play above the mid majors. They are fast running out of mid quality schools to back fill with, especially if they try asking for football only.

Just when things were looking up for EMU

You have to love what Rob Murphy did last year at EMU. He did more with less than just about anyone in the conference. EMU seemed to be on a path to dominance (or at least co-dominance) in the west.

Rob Murphy Reportedly Leaves EMU: Why, And What Now? - Hustle Belt
In one year Murphy and Eastern Michigan went 14-18 and 9-7 in the MAC, but that conference record was enough to win the MAC West outright, and I'm still trying to figure out how he won as much as he did, given that scoring 50 points a night was a struggle for the Eagles. Things were looking up for Murphy, the former Syracuse assistant, and leaving the post in mid-August, when many teams are working out and some are doing international trips, is a sudden blow to the program.

Rob Murphy Gone? " Eagle Totem
Early candidates probably include the oft-mentioned Todd Lickliter, who just accepted a job as Head Coach at NAIA level Marion University, in Indianapolis. Also former Texas Southern Head Coach Tony Harvey was well-regarded in the last go around of interviews. And, of course, VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart. Just kidding on the last one, I can dream can’t I? I’ll throw out a wildcard in Michigan Assistant Bacari Alexander. He knows the area and can recruit Detroit. Certainly worth an interview.

Buffalo Basketball Falls In Canada

Bulls Clipped by Carleton, 77-75 - Buffalo Athletics
For the second straight game Auraum Nuiriankh was UB's leading scorer with 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting, including 4-of-6 from beyond the arc. Will Regan was second in scoring with 12 points. Javon McCrea stuffed the statsheet with 11 points, nine rebounds, two assists, five blocks and a steal in 26 minutes.

Will Regan missed a last second three that would have won the game. In the coming days we will get a look at how other NCAA teams do against Carleton

Buffalo Summer Ball

QCS has been phenomenal this summer. Over here we struggle with all being Buffalo Ex-Pats but QCS is on the ground in Amherst and making the most of it!

Queen City SportsUB Bulls Media Day Interviews - Queen City Sports
We hope that you enjoy the interviews and continue to check out Queen City Sports in the future.

The Buffalo News has upped their game as well.

Dennison finds a spot at tight end - UB Men's Basketball - The Buffalo News
"We wanted to keep him on offense," Quinn said. "It wasn't where we were deciding to move him on defense. It was, where else can we put him to get him on the field? That's what we're always thinking about as coaches: put the personnel in the best position to help us."