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2011 Video Review Ohio at Buffalo 1st Quarter

Ohio at Buffalo 2011
Ohio at Buffalo 2011

The Ohio game saw the 4-1 Bobcats enter UB Stadium to face the 1-4 Bulls. Coming off the power outage vs UConn and the drubbing at Tennessee would Buffalo pack it in?No they would not.

The goal of the video review was to find a few rays of hope in a dark 3-win season.We saw some great play calling with no execution in the Pitt game. We also showed a lack of imagination and pride on offense against UConn. Against Tennessee, we showed for a quarter we could hang with anyone, but we also showed that our defense was not ready for the big game.

When you only win 3 games, one against an FCS team, one against Akron, (also FCS am I right?) and one against the MAC East Champion, you are obviously going to pick the the win against the MAC East Champ as the defining moment of the 2011 season. But it was more than just a big win. Buffalo overcame adversity, called the offense skillfully, executed well except on special teams and re-established UB Stadiums home field advantage.

If you want consistent success, that last point is vital, whether you are 10-0 or 0-10, no team should ever be happy to walk into UB Stadium, and if they walk out with a win, they should limp out bruised battered and beaten everywhere but on the scoreboard. Between 2003 and 2006, I saw too many smiles on opponents as they walked in, and too many athletes dancing out the doors. It's not surprising that we only won 6 times in those 4 years.

Quinn has not won the hearts of Buffalo because he has not won and because he is replacing a legend. However he has won me over by being a coach with solid character, recruiting frantically in the Midwest, showing the ability to call a great offensive game, and by re-establishing a sense of pride in protecting UB Stadiums home field advantage. On to the game:

As the telecast starts, Howard Simon and for some reason Ohio State Grad Marlon Kerner are our announcers. We apparently couldn't get any UB alum as the second man in the booth.

Ohio kicks off and UB nation is surprisingly optimistic.

Lets go BUFFALO!

We can do this!

by Bullions

woooo its a new season

by bull_trojan

UB Drive 1:

Jeffvon gill gets a good return, it would be the most action he'd see all year.

1st & 10: Playaction pass on first down thrown deep for Alex Neutz, Chazz Anderson under-threw the ball, there was probably a little interference but Refs hold the flag.

note: Although I had to pay for this archive, it is not in HD. I cannot make out the clock, so it won't be formatted like the other reviews. If you're reading this UB please do something about that for next year. Of course a lot of the commenters are talking about the poor quality of the streams, so maybe it was filmed in standard def, which if so, not acceptable for sports in 2011.

On 2nd & 3rd down we go with short runs by Oliver, quick 3 and out time to punt.

another run on 3rd and mildly long.. ugh

by Scott Peddie

Ohio Drive 1:

On 2nd down a screen pass was blown up, and almost intercepted...just barely ruled a forward pass or it would have been a fumble recovered by Buffalo. Ohio WR Donte Harden is injured after the big hit.

note "You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked" - Lamar Thomas

3rd down pass intended for LaVon Brazill is overthrown, Buffalo's defense opens with a good stop.

UB Drive 2:

On 1st down another short run by Oliver for 2.

2nd and 8 dump off to Oliver who ducks under a tackle and gains another 4 YAC yards to bring up 3rd and 2.

3rd and 2: Jet Sweep to Ed Young for a first down...Great call by Quinn

1st and 10: routine short run by BO

2nd and 9: No pressure on Chazz who completes a pass to Ed Young at the first down marker.

1st and 10: From the 35, quick slant to Neutz which is always open! This time for another UB first down.

Now that the pass has opened it up the defense, Oliver gains 8 yards up the middle on 1st down.

2nd and 2: Read option to Oliver, it looked contained, then Oliver squirted through untouched for a touchdown. It seemed the Ohio LB's were indecisive whether to charge the gaps on Oliver or watch Anderson as he booted to the right. Oliver ducked down and sneaked behind the Center through the gap and walked into the end zone.

UB 7 - Ohio 0.


by Bullions


by Bullions on Oct 8, 2011 3:50 PM EDT up

Some Bulls fans getting greedy, some want more offense:

Five more of those today please..

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan on Oct 8, 2011 3:51 PM EDT up

some want more booze:

no rule to drink when UB scores.. looks like i broke the rules

by Scott Peddie

Key to the drive?

That drive was all about protecting Chazz

by Bullions

Ohio drive 2:

With Quinn displaying his talent for calling an offense, UB takes the lead. UB gives up the momentum however as they fail to execute on special teams:

crap not so special teams

by bull_trojan

Are you kidding me special teams?


by Bullions

theres that kick coverage we have become accustomed to..

by Scott Peddie

Special Teams are a nightmare.

by Highlander99

Donte Harden, back from injury returns the kick back to the Buffalo 20, he maybe scores if he doesn't trip over his own feet.

1st down, Fake option pass for an easy 9 yeards.

2nd and 1: Read option to the HB, is demolished by Mack. Mack stayed true to his assignment and caught the HB attempting to cut it back outside.

3rd and 3: Ohio in the Pistol 2 WRs left, they go option left, and UB has no one outside to stop it. Touchdown Ohio, 7-7 game.

well that was quick answer... thanks special teams

by Scott Peddie

UB Drive 3:

After a penalty UB starts at the 12.

1st down, typical 1 yard run by BO.

2nd and 9: Chazz has time and goes with a 17 yard slant to Marcus Rivers. Rivers was one arm tackle away from taking it to the house.

1st and 10: Swing pass to Oliver for 9 yards

2nd and 1: UB bunches receivers tight to the left, and quickly throw it to Rivers for a gain of 4 and a first down.

UB fans not sure if UB offense is good or Ohio Defense is bad...I assume we're going with Ohio Defense bad:

the Ohio Pass D looks like ours

by ukbro00

1st and 10: Quinn Pushes his luck: CHAZZ ROLL RIGHT, ends in the typical result, thrown away.

2nd and 10: BO first shows his skill, slashing and dashing inside the tacklets, then he shows his power, driving the pile for the final 3 yards for a gritty 10 yard gain.

1st and 10: Quick Swing pass to Ed Young for 7 yards.

2nd and 3: Quick pass thrown behind Terrell Jackson gives him no running room, but he does a quick juke straight out of NCAA 12, escapes and gets the first down.

great move by TJ! Keep it moving!

by Scott Peddie

1st and 10 from the Ohio 31: BO runs up the middle for 2 yards.

2nd and 8 Chazz with good protection again goes down the field, all 4 receivers run seam routes, and Chazz hits Terrell Jackson at the left hash for a long reception down to the one. It was a perfect throw between the LB and the FS where only TJ could get it.

Just nice to see the offense clicking..

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

nice catch!!!! WOW who is this??

by Scott Peddie

holy ****

by Bullions

It looked to me like TJ landed in the endzone but it won't matter we can get 1 yard with BO, we just need to trust our goal-line offense and stop going 4 wide inside the 10.

1st down, UB in the goal-line package, BO is stuffed on the 1.

2nd down, UB in the goal-line package, BO is stopped for a loss of 2 yards.

On 3rd and goal, we go shotgun 4 wide, but hand off to BO who walks in for his second TD of the day.


by Highlander99

good call again

might not curse quinns name today

by bull_trojan


by Bullions


by Scott Peddie

Has Quinn given up play-calling today?

by ukbro00


by Highlander99

great design on that play...

by Scott Peddie

Very good call to spread the D out with 4 receivers wide, then run up the gut.

by Highlander99

14-7 Buffalo

Ohio drive 3:

We pooch kick it to the 40 because that's the best our special teams is capable of.

After an incompletion on 1st down, a shuffle pass catches UB in over-pursuit and gains 10 yards.

1st down, MACK just misses a sack, but Ohio gets called for holding.

1st and 20, QB read option keeper for 2 yards.

2nd and 18 slant is thrown high and the UB defender takes out his legs and it looks like a painful fall.

3rd and 11, we go with a 3-man rush and triple cover Brazill, Ohio still targets him but it's incomplete.

UB drive 4:

1st down outside run to BO for no gain...end of the 1st quarter.

Time Warner cable ends with a chyronfail just to see if Bubbaprog is watching his alma mater...showing the score 7 - 7.

Buffalo is up 14-7, they have the ball, and have been on fire offensively. Will they stay hot in the 2nd quarter?...stay tuned.