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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: "Hofher’s Heroes" versus "Offy's Army"

After one round this is where we stand:

Team Wins Losses %F TV
Offy's Army 1 0 66 6
Old Willie 1 0 59 7
Hofher’s Heroes 1 0 55 5
ChiTown' Finest 0 1 45 4
Dibble's Dazzlers 0 1 41 5
We Are 0 1 33 3

Game one of round two features "Hofher's Heroes" coached by Conrad against "Offy's Army" Coached by Tim.

The Heroes line up Chad Salisbury behind center. He will be tossing the rock to Jamie Gasparre, Doc Smith, and a linebacker playing for New England named Trevor Scott.

With the first pick of the draft he loaded his backfield with James Starks.

He took the defense from 1983 and a kicker from the mid 90's named Mark Mozrall.

It's a very young team. Conrad picked just one player from the pre modern era, Lockport Lou, as his flex back.

For this contest Conrad is leading with the 1983 defense

When you get a star QB and WR from the same era, the chemistry is hard to beat, Offy's Army has this along with a great receiving core, and running backs, who aren't top 10 in the litany of star UB backs, but are great pass catchers out of the backfield...Offy's army looks old school but don't be fooled this team is playing '09 Texas Tech, '11 Oklahoma State ball, passing all around Rotary Field.

Thus my captains for the game is 1983 defense with a lil help from our friends.
Roll Call:

Mike Laipple, Freshman, Career leader in Assisted Tackles 265. 402 total tackles.
Steve Nappo, Freshman, Career leader in INTs 19
John Bernard, Senior, 2nd in career INT's 18
Andy Hurley 3rd in career INT's 16
Dave May, Freshman 4th in career sacks, 18
Trevor Scott (oh yea he's playing both ways) 3rd in career sacks, 19
For good measure throw Lockport Lou in the secondary.

Offy's army should be called Offy's air force, because the passing game is really where they excel. But not today '83's 25 INTs stand as #3 all time. So they can win on the ground, no not so fast, the 83 defense is #2 all time in rushing yards allowed. The X-factor is Patrick Clarke, the 83 defense allowed 15 points a game, so I will give Clarke 5 field goals and if Tim is lucky enough to pick Clarke against me I conceed the 15-14 loss...but if he puts any other captain out against me, I think we dominate 28-15.

The Army is led by the 1949-1950 "Touchdown Twins" of Quarterback Tracy Latona and Receiver Edmond "Doc G" Gicewicz. Aside from Tight End Jessie Rack (2009) and current UB kicker Patrick Clarke the Army is entirely composed of players from the Classical Era of UB football.

The other receivers are Doc Ashley and Running the Ball is Richard Doll (1956) and Raymond Weser (1949). The Army is led by the 1959 defense.

This weeks captain for "Offy's Army" is none other than Tracy Latona

It's hard to argue with Hofher's heroes runnig prowess. Two of UB's greats pure ball carriers sit behind Chad Salisbury when they try to take on Offy's Army. If you're a team deep at wideout and you're taking on a solid running team the answer to victory is simple. Put a winner behind center!

In week two the strategy is to bury the Heroes in such a deep hole, and early, that their reliance on the running game will hurt them more than help them. Hofher's Heroes ran the clock down against Chi Town but let's seem them try that with a team that can explode out of the gate.

When you're going to sling the ball around a lot you better bring an efficient quarterback who has proven that he can command a high powered offense while minimizing mistakes. Drew Willy might be the guy who's name appears high up in all the UB record books but back in the days when college football seasons stretched eight, maybe nine games per season UB had another general. The signal caller UB looked to for setting records in the classical era was Tracy Latona.

Latona was the starter two seasons, 1949 and 1950, in that time he was spectacular.

His career rating of 136.40 the best put up by and UB quarterback, but more importantly his touchdown to interception ratio sits at 11 to 4. At 2.75 that touchdown to Interception ratio is more than double all UB quarterbacks save Drew Willy, and Drew is still far behind Latona at 1.73.

Latona knows how to score and just plain makes good decisions.

Latona and his favorite target Edmond Gicewicz where known by the Buffalo Media as "The Touch Down Twins". Latona putting up two and three touchdown games years borfore it was common.

I've given Latona not only his favorite target in 1949 and 1950 (Gicewicz) but also quality receivers and receiving backs from the 40s, 50s, 60s and an amazing Tight End named Jessie Rack from 2009. Latona has too many weapons, and too much composure, for a run heavy team like Hofher's Hero's to keep up with.