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Talking Bull: As the Penn State situation winds down

Penn State Nittany Lions -- Sources -- Penn State expected to ratify sanctions - ESPN
The Penn State University board of trustees will hold a special meeting Sunday and is expected to formally ratify the consent decree of sanctions agreed to last month by university president Rodney Erickson and the NCAA, "Outside the Lines" has learned.

I had heard there were rumblings that the BOT might try to wiggle out of some of these dracinion penalties. I suppose that's not the case.

And speaking of someone who *does* manage to wiggle out of bad situations:

Lane Kiffin votes USC Trojans No. 1 in coaches' poll after saying he wouldn't - ESPN Los Angeles
Citing Kiffin's providing of "false or misleading information" to the public and a desire to "set the record straight to protect the poll's integrity," the newspaper released Kiffin's top-voted team in the USA Today Coaches' Poll.

All the class we've come to expect from Kiffin.

I'm all for due process, but this?

Ray-Ray Armstrong Against The NCAA: How A Cane Could Challenge College Football Hegemony -
Former Miami safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is going to ask a Florida court to reinstate him to the Miami Hurricanes. If the case goes far enough, it could strike a blow against the NCAA's patronizing policies against athletes.

How much does Big Al Golden regret leaving Temple right now?

Miami.... HOW COULD YOU!

We lost the war. Miami University is now Miami Ohio. Please adjust your stupid style guides... - Hustle Belt
We lost the war. Miami University is now Miami Ohio. Please adjust your stupid style guides accordingly. Visit to learn more.

For years we, the fans of the MAC, have carried water for you RedHawks. Hell one of my first notes to the UMass fans coming into the MAC was to know who Miami really was:

Don't: Call Miami University, "Miami of Ohio".

Do: Call the Miami Hurricanes either Miami of Florida or Miami at Coral Gables, the only Miami that should matter to you is now based in south west Ohio. -- Me

Now you give up, like that... over a dang domain name?

B-Lo News on the UB Secondary

UB secondary rebuilt - UB Football - The Buffalo News
UB's defensive backfield may never be as good as the one that starred in 2010. This year's pair of corners, however, have bonded and gained game-time experience, and they're ready to prove their ability on the field.