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Know Your Bulls: #58 Tim Krantz

Kqjl1z5b3t83b1qn_mediumKrantz Via - UBAthletics

Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.

Position: Offensive Line

From: Bellmore, New York

Long Snapper in all 12 games last season

Despite serving as the captain for his Bellmore High School football team Tim Krantz finished his high school career without any division one scholarship offers. So the Nassau County all-star walked on at the then defending Mid American Conference Champion Buffalo Bulls.

After red shirting for Turner Gill in 2009 Krantz caught the attention of then new coach Jeff Quinn. The Freshman was made the primary long snapper in 2010, and held the role again last season.

Coming out of this springs blue and white game Krantz was still holding the spot of primary long snapper. It's doubtful that anyone else will wrest it from his hands before the Georgia game this September.