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The End of the 2011 Video Review

Tennessee Tickets (photo courtesy of Taryn Brymn)
Tennessee Tickets (photo courtesy of Taryn Brymn)

So I was getting ready for part 2 of the Tennessee game video review, when I found that WatchESPN removed all of the 2011 football games.

So I won't finish Tennessee which I'm ok with, we had our fun in Quarter 1.

I won't get to the NIU game, which I'm bummed about because that game fell on my girlfriends birthday. I didn't see the game, but I worked very strategically to send her off shopping so I could listen to parts of the game. I heard what I think was the 6th turnover of the night and I turned the radio off in disgust. I drove from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara for wine tasting on the coast, a 90 minute drive. At the winery, I went with the "well lets assess the damage" checked the score on the phone and whaaaa we lost by 1? I swear, first thing I said was we probably (expletive) missed an extra point, I prayed that we manned up and went for 2, but fears were confirmed. I kicked myself for not listening to the full game, if 2008 taught us anything it's that the game is never over.

I won't get to the Miami game, but who cares.

But I will finish with the Ohio game next week, because we won and we need that positive energy going into 2012 and because I hate Ohio and like to watch them lose.

Thank you for the great game thread comments that made the video review possible and I look forward to joining the thread every Saturday in a few weeks.