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Khalil Mack makes another list

Khalil Mack via UB Athletics
Khalil Mack via UB Athletics

The Rotary Club of Houston announced today the 43rd Annual Rotary Lombardi Award Official Watch List. And for the second time in a week Khalil Mack lands on a national list.

The Lombardi Award goes to the nation's top college lineman or linebacker and Mack's name is on the 145-man list. Mack is the first player in UB history to earn a spot on the list.

He is one of eight Mid-American Conference players to make the list, joining G Eric Herman from Ohio, DL Chris Jones from Bowling Green, C Zac Kerin from Toledo, DE Roosevelt Nix from Kent State, DE Sean Progar from Northern Illinois, OT Brian Winters from Kent State, and LB Dwayne Woods from Bowling Green.

Eligibility for the Rotary Lombardi Award is roughtly positional but has more to do with how the player is used.

They have to be offensive or defensive end-to-end down linemen who set up no farther than 10 yards to the left or right of the ball, and linebackers who set up no farther than five yards deep from the line of scrimmage.