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NCAA 2013: Season Simulation

20% chance, I like those odds.
20% chance, I like those odds.

After picking up NCAA '13 and trying out the new features, I simulated the 2013 season 10 times, to see how UB would fair.

UB won 2 MAC Championships out of 10 simulations, and went to a bowl game in each of those years. Losing to Arkansas State in the Go Daddy Bowl in one, and beating Northwestern in the Little Caesars Bowl the second. The average W/L record is 5-7.

MAC Championship:

Toledo and Miami both won their divisions 4 times. EMU won 3 times. Buffalo, Ohio, and Bowling Green won twice each.

Miami won the MAC the most, 3 times, Buffalo, Toledo and EMU won twice, while Ohio won once.

Star Stats

I tracked the stats of QB #15, RB #23 and LB #46.

Our last 3 Quarterbacks, (Zach Maynard, Jerry Davis, and Chazz Anderson) averaged 2300 passing yards, 15 tds, 13 ints while rushing for 282 yards and 3 tds.

on NCAA '13, QB #15 threw for on average 1,961 yards, 15 tds and 12 ints while rushing for 555 yards and 4 tds.

In 2011, Oliver carried the ball 306 times. EA gave him a breather, RB #32 averaged only 122 carries for 715 yards and 6 touchdowns. His output is almost half of Oliver's record breaking numbers in 2011 (1395 yards, 13 tds)

On NCAA '13, LB #46 averaged 69 tackles, 4 sacks and 15 tackles for a loss, which is very similar to Khalil Mack's 2011 effort of 65 tackles and 5.5 sacks.

Game by Game Results:

90% Chance

Game 2: Morgan State

We beat Morgan State 9 times, ironically, when we lost to Morgan, we won the MAC and the Bowl Game.

80% Chance

Game 11: UMass

UMass wants respect, but until they play a game, their still a FCS team not worthy of the respect yet. That said, they beat us on NCAA '13 twice, there is your respect.

70% Chance

Game 3: Kent State

60% Chance

Game 12: BGSU

60% chance and I believe in NCAA the game is in Bowling Green, how will the neutral field effect the real game?

50% Chance

Game 5: Ohio

40% Chance

Game 9: Miami

30% Chance

Game 6: NIU

Game 7: Pitt

Game 8: Toledo

Game 10: WMU

10% Chance

Game 1: Georgia

We won the Georgia game once in 10 simulations, ironically that year, UB finished 6-6 and did not make a bowl game.

Game 4: UConn

I think we would be ecstatic with 5-7, but the the best part about the NCAA series is I can play as Buffalo, recruit some 5-stars and develop UB into the MAC power I know we can be.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)