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Know Your Bulls: #48 Willie Moseley


Moseley via

Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.
Position: Outside Linebacker

From: Richmond, Virginia

Played mainly on special teams

Willie Moseley came to Buffalo as an All-District as a defensive end who, for at least a year seemed destined to play the same position at the collegiate level. In 2009, after one year as a red shirt, Moesley played in a hand full of games as a defensive end racking up three tackles, including one for a loss.

The staff change in 2010 brought in a 3-4 defense. To help fill in at linebacker the coaches moved Moseley to an outside linebacker spot behind Khalil Mack. The senior has been behind Mack for two seasons, and is slated to be behind him again this year.

Playing behind one of the best players in the conference may limit his minutes but Willie has been a solid special teams performer for years and should once again be a staple when those units are out on the field.Ba