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Know Your Bulls: #52 Jake Stockman

Uiihxu7sgv7oqei3_mediumStockman via UB Athletics

Know your Bulls is a countdown to the kick off. If will look at every single UB football player on the roster. When the players number matches the number of days remaining then it's his turn in the spotlight.

Position: Linebacker

From: Joliet, Illinois

Played depth on defense and started on special teams

Jake Stockman is not a player that the casual fan hears a lot about. But last season the redshirt freshman had a big impact on special teams and also played some minutes with the defense.

In all Stockman saw action in ten games and recorded nine tackles.

During this seasons Blue and white game Stockman put up 7 tackles, matching the word done by Lee Skinner. After that game he landed on the depth chart as an inside linebacker behind Fred Branch and Scott Pettigrew.