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If I could have jut one recent Heisman player on UB's Roster it would be

The further he gets from Florida and the ess eee see the more Tebow Grows on me.
The further he gets from Florida and the ess eee see the more Tebow Grows on me.

I remember a time when I despised Tim Tebow. Not only did he play in the SEC, he played for Florida and to me that was a double whammy. The fact it was fashionable to dislike him was the cherry on top. Fast forward several years and Tebow is still a lightning rod when it comes to public opinion. But he is no longer the dominating force, Tebow is now the underdog.

Yet Tebow has handled himself well. He went to Denver and never complained about the lack of star treatment. He even eventually became an effective quarterback and won them a playoff game. Even while playing, and winning, many in the sports media trashed Tebow, when Elway brought in Peyton Manning he dismissed Tebow.

And that, to me, would have been fine if not for the rather shabby way John Elway did it. Still Tebow who makes his living in the cut throat political arena that is the NFL has maintained class, dignity, and humility.

Oh yea and he's also a decent, if unorthodox, quarterback who at times carried the Gators.

NCAA13 is going to let you pick and past Heisman winner and stick them on your team, if I had to pick on recent Heisman winner to stick on UB's Roster it would be Tebow, hands down!

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