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Talking Bull: under-water basket weaving anyone?

Have to finish my thesis before tip off via <a href=""></a>
Have to finish my thesis before tip off via

Everything wrong with College Sports

If there is one thing that really grinds my gears it's when a department develops a disconnect between its academic and it's athletic missions. It's even worse when the academic side is complicit. North Carolina is now one of the most clear examples of how this happens.

North Carolina Tar Heels football players made up 36 percent of enrollments in suspect classes - ESPN
Julius Nyang'oro resigned as chairman last year and will retire in July. His name is on the grade rolls or he was listed as instructor for 43 courses considered aberrant or taught irregularly from 2007-09. He was also the instructor for the only two classes that qualify as taught irregularly after 2009, according to the report.

Classes not taught, grades changed, ... This just ticks me off too much to make a joke, I just can't make light of it.

Then there is this, we don't want presidents weighing on on athletics /sarcasm

John Marinatto Big East resignation proof presidents too involved - Stewart Mandel -
Over the past decade, university presidents and chancellors have exercised a more hands-on role in major athletics decisions, and while the intent is noble, it's hard to see how athletics has benefitted. Having a bunch of distinguished physics professors and English scholars help negotiate billion-dollar television packages makes about as much sense as having conference commissioners deliver physics and English lectures.

Maybe if university presidents get more of a voice then things like underwater basket weaving at North Carolina.

Need another reason to be disgusted? How about skeevy fans hanging out with recruits

SB Nation Recruiting Investigation Leads To Sex Offender Arrest -
Ohio State lost a top linebacker recruit during a saga that led to the arrest of an overzealous fan whose story was first reported by SB Nation's Land-Grant Holy Land.

Of course the death of mid major FBS progams is a downer.

Big Sky commissioner on Idaho's situation: Top of FCS is healthier than bottom of FBS |
Now — with the Vandals' current league crumbling — Fullerton just might get his chance at convincing Idaho that the Big Sky is the best place for its athletic department. Fullerton and Rob Spear, Idaho's athletic director, have spoken and, Fullerton said, will talk again this week. Spear said last week that he is considering four options, including a return to the Football Championship Subdivision, but said the ideal situation was to remain at the Football Bowl Subdivision level.

But it's not enough to ban college football... is it?

Debate On Banning College Football: Largely Amusing Waste Of Time -
Tuesday night, Malcolm Gladwell led a debate on banning the United States' second most popular sport. That'll totally happen!

Personally I think the answer is to change some of the rules around head to head contact and define a set of test after every game which will determine if they can play the next week.