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Talking Bull: Danny White Link Blast!

I'm not sure that hat can contain White ginormous brain! via <a href=""></a>
I'm not sure that hat can contain White ginormous brain! via

The first of two "Talking Bull's" today. There is a ton of news worth reading out there so it's being broken up between Director White and everything else...

Funny that the day after I poke fun at the Buffalo News they come through.

Gleason made the best moment of the press conference when he asked about Hockey, he followed that up with a great article.

Bulls in good hands with 'college athletics brat' - Bucky Gleason - The Buffalo News
White is certainly sharp. He has master's degrees in business and sports management from Ohio University and is working on his doctorate. His primary responsibility at Ole Miss was raising money. It's precisely what UB needs given the economy and the financial issues with the state. The Bulls need to take the next step toward building consistent winners and developing a semblance of tradition.

And the main news take on White

UB passes the baton to Danny White - University at Buffalo - The Buffalo News
White projected a confident ease during his introduction before an overflow audience in the screening room at the Center for the Arts. He pointed out his wife Shawn and thanked her for supporting "our" career as they've hop-scotched around the country with three children ages 2 to 7. He thanked his father, Kevin, who broke away from his job as the AD at Duke to witness his son's ascent. White was light on specifics regarding his new job, saying "I don't even know where the restroom is yet." His start date will be sometime next month and contract details must still be finalized.

The take from the spectrum?

Danny White Becomes Buffalo’s New Athletic Director - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
In his introductory press conference, White stressed the importance of being "student-athlete centered," catering fully to the needs of those participating in varsity sports, and "operating with a tremendous amount of character and dignity." He also let the audience know that support from an alumni base of over 200,000 is important for the area.

Our friends over at the MAC daily chime in

Buffalo Makes Danny White Youngest FBS Athletic Director
At just 32, White will be the youngest athletic director in FBS. Despite his youth, White has seen quite a bit of the college world already, serving in roles at Mississippi, Fresno State, Ohio and Northern Illinois.

If you want to watch the full press conference here you go! (hat tip to Brooklyn Bull)