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Talking Bull: Another Big Loss for the Big East!

The Big East fans won't have schreck to kick us aroundvia <a href=""></a>
The Big East fans won't have schreck to kick us aroundvia

So much for going down with the ship!

Losing John Marinatto certainly hurts less then losing say Pitt, Syracuse, or West Virginia but it's just another sign that the Big East has not put its problems behind it.

Report: Big East Commissioner John Marinatto Resigns - Big East Coast Bias
UPDATE AS OF 9:17 A.M.: According, again, to Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports, John Marinatto resigned as Big East commissioner because he was asked to by the league's presidents on Sunday night. McMurphy writes:

The new playoff structure mentioned every "power conference" outside of the Big East, there are murmurings that this might push aside some of the new additions (the Football Only Western Members. Basketball should be fine, for now, but if conference start going to 16 you can bet UConn and Rutgers will get some serious looks.

Speaking of goodbye's

Idaho and New Mexico are both seriously looking at the FCS level.

Idaho May Reclassify As Big Sky FCS School In Wake Of WAC Explosion -
The death of the WAC left some schools in limbo, and one of those schools is Idaho. The Vandals have to decide whether to remain an FBS team or move to the FCS Big Sky Conference. Today, Idaho AD Rob Spear spoke and made it seem as if the decision was up in the air.

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog
"Our near-term goals are to compete successfully." What remains undecided is New Mexico State’s long-term vision, whether it entails an attempt to join the Sun Belt; a stab at becoming an Independent; a move down to the F.C.S., either temporarily or for good; or dropping the football program altogether.

Great quote in the Idaho piece

This is something UB needs to take very seriously. The Big Donors are not coming through and the field house plans are getting a bit dated. We've been hearing forever that "we're half way there" and frankly I am starting to doubt it will ever get done.

In 10 years could UB be looking at the FCS, or worse, and say something similar?

In Non NCAA Sports news

2012 Division I National Tournament at Sirrine Stadium in Greenville, SC -
The MCLA DI and DII Men's Lacrosse Championship is a 16-team, single-elimination tournament. Each of the ten conferences will receive an automatic qualification for each division if they maintain the MCLA policy of at least six (6) qualifying teams per division in a playing season. The remaining teams for the tournament are selected by an at large process by a diverse committee approved by the Board of Directors at each summer meeting.

UB is, once again, fielding one of the Best D1 club lacrosse teams in the nation.