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99 for 99 - #87: Back to Back Draftees

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99 for 99 takes a look at the 99 biggest moments in UB Football history in anticipation of the 99th Season of UB Football which begins on September 1st, 2012. These moments are not in any order, however the top 10 moments have been saved for last.

In honor of the NFL Draft, UB's greatest Draft moments.

April 24, 2010 - James Starks is drafted by the Green Bay Packers

After breaking the running records at UB, Starks distinguished himself as the most talented player on an explosive MAC Championship team. Mel Kiper listed his top NFL running back prospects and Starks was listed as the #3 Junior back. Kiper expected Starks to be a late 1st round pick if he maintained his high level of play in 2009.

During summer camp, Starks injured his shoulder during a scrimmage, ending his season before it began, and severely damaging his draft stock. Starks went from possibly becoming the highest draft pick in UB history, to possibly not being drafted at all. Fortunately, the Niagara Falls native was selected in the sixth round, pick 193 overall to the Green Bay Packers...

April 30, 2011 - Josh Thomas drafted by the Dallas Cowboys

The only similarities between the 2008 champion Bulls and the 2010 2-win Bulls were the jerseys. (The jerseys would change the next year) In 2010, the coach was gone, the Quarterback and the heir-apparent Quarterback were gone, and most of the playmakers of the glory run were gone.

Davonte Shannon remained, he and the experienced defensive backfield were expected to carry the team. Shannon played well, but when long time Nickel back Josh Thomas got his chance to play corner, he stole the show establishing himself as a lock-down corner. In 2011, the Cedar Hill, Texas native was drafted in the 5th round by his hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys, pick 143 overall.

The Starks pick in 2010 and the Thomas Pick in 2011 marked the first time in UB history that players were drafted into the NFL in consecutive years.

Starks battled injuries in 2010, but became the starting running back late in the year and won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers.

Thomas currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, after being waived by the Cowboys in 2011. He played in 9 games in his rookie season.