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Talking Bull: e tu Bobcats?

You think holding onto Rex Burkhead is hard? Try holding your conference together!
You think holding onto Rex Burkhead is hard? Try holding your conference together!

Just when you thought it could not get any worse for the WAC

The WAC is on deaths doorstep. And not I'm not being histrionic when I say that. They are officially down to six football playing members. Its almost a sure thing that Utah State, UTSA, and San Jose State are gone. Now the word is that the Sun Belt is going to raid them? Say goodbye to the Texas State Bobcats...

Conference Realignment: WAC Also Losing Texas State, According To Report -
Texas State would shore up the Sun Belt's Texas losses, as the SBC is set to lose North Texas to Conference USA, perhaps as early as this week, according to the Dallas Morning News' Brett Vito. The Bobcats have yet to even play a game in the WAC, playing their first season of FBS football later this year, and they're already leaving.

New Mexico state will find somewhere to live, their basketball is too good to pass up for any conference that has a presence in the south west (CUSA, MWC, Sun Belt). The Vandals might be done when the WAC banner falls in the field it will be in the Vandals hands.

To see the history of this conference just check out the membership time-line over on wiki

Speaking of the Sun Belt

There is a cnace that down the line a MAC team could face Texas State in the GoDaddy bowl.

MAC Extends Partnership With Bowl Thru 2017 > MAC > News
"We are extremely happy to extend our long-established and successful bowl partnership with the Bowl and the city of Mobile," said Dr. Jon Steinbrecher, MAC Commissioner. "Our membership, most importantly our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and fans, continually enjoy an outstanding experience with the bowl festivities and the hospitality provided by the Bowl, President Jerry Silverstein and the entire city of Mobile."

Until we get a better tie in for the spud bowl or pizza bowl this could be the best matchup in our lineup. MAC Champ versus Sun Belt Champ.

Rivers Joins Starks in Green Bay

As a packer fan living in vikings land I say *YES*

Rivers Gets the Call, Joins Packers - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
"My agent was calling me and telling me a bunch of teams were calling me to be a free agent," Rivers said. "When I found out I was going to be a Packer the first thing I thought about was James. I tried to get in contact with him, and just take in the process."

Rowing team comes up short in the CAA Championships

Varsity Four Wins Gold; Team Finishes Third at CAA Championships - Buffalo Athletics
The University at Buffalo varsity four boat won the gold medal and the team placed third overall at the Colonial Athletic Association Championships at Sandy Run Regional Park in Virginia on Sunday.

One of the better programs at UB, and they had a bang up year.

Now we just need 30 more of this guy and we have our field house

The Donor that Keeps on Giving - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
"What teams do on and off the fields of play help to showcase the impact of donor gifts," Lambert said. "You witness donor dollars at work when our student-athletes achieve excellence in the classroom and our teams win championships. From facility renovations to tutoring and student-athlete development programs, private donations help our teams flourish."