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99 for 99

In 152 days, UB will travel to Athens, Georgia for their first ever meeting against the Georgia Bulldogs.

The game will be the 861st game in UB history, and will start the 99th season of Buffalo Football.

In the previous 98 seasons, we amassed 30 winning seasons, 344 wins, 2 bowl invitations and a bowl appearance.

Over the next 152 days, I hope to countdown the top 99 UB football moments in the history of the team; the "99 for 99"

Recently we have had great moments, the return to D-1, the Rutgers game, the Turner Gill era. But we also had the 1996 8 win UB team in D1-aa. We had the '58 and '59 teams. We had 3 times when football was not played at UB and the charge to get us back on the field. We lost to Michigan 128-0, but we beat Syracuse and Penn State.

We have a rich history for a team that is not very well known nationally.

If you have any moments that you feel must be included add them in the comments section below.