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Talking Bull: I go away for one weekend!

And the former NCAA presidents are talling the lower division on teams to get ready for a brave new world.

Separating NCAA Division I wealth is coming as haves and have-nots become divided |
NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters this week he has suggested to university presidents they consider changing the setup of NCAA governance to address the Division I financial gap. It's a gap where Alabama and Auburn spend more than $100 million, and UAB, South Alabama, Troy and Samford operate budgets of $25 million or less. And the gap keeps widening.

I honestly don't see who's interest this is in. Seems to me fans of the high budget schools want it more than the administrations at those school. Does it hurt the Big Six conferences to have the MAC or the Horizon send a team, maybe two, to the dance?

Sure every now and then you have a team like VCU go in and make some real noise but generally it's a warm up game for the top 12 or so teams in the tournament and a pittance of money thrown at the other conferences.

What often gets left out of the budget comparisons between school is where the money goes. Sure VCU is onlt spending a fraction of what Kansas spends but when you take football out of the picture the gap is not quite so insurmountable.

I happen to think there are too many division one hoops schools but each and every one of those school support the requisite number of other sports and all follow APR rules and Title IX. If Samford wants to field a men's hoops team why is it anyone's business how much the spend. They will either get better, dangle on the vine, or eventually drop it.

No I'm not picking on Samford

On the football side how much does it hurt the BCS to have the MAC and Sun-Belt square off in Mobile?

In fact football makes a better case because of the progress of teams like TCU and Boise. In a world where there was a budget cut off neither could have ascended to compete wit, and eventually join, the "big boys".

This is hopefully just more gum flapping by people who want to satisfy the T-Shirt college sports fans.