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Talking Bull: Five things that confuse the heck out of me

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Who the heck is playing in what conference?

Expansion has literally rattled everyone's cage. So when Nevada and Boise played a couple of years back it was a WAC game. This past year it would have been a WAC-MWC game, next year it will be a MWC game, the year after a BigEast-Left Behind game.

Conference Realignment Catch-Up, Now That Temple's Joined The Big East -
The conference realignment train has cooled for the time being, now that Temple's made its way back to the Big East. Let's take a look at what a fine mess we've all gotten ourselves into.

Who was and was not behind the new format?

I like it, but then again my livelihood does not depend on the MAC having a good postseason format. Seems some MAC coaches were a little uneasy about the change.

UB anxious to chase MAC title - UB Men's Basketball - The Buffalo News
"I was not big on this when we talked about it in our conference meetings because I know some conferences have used it and not liked it and it's since gone away," said UB coach Reggie Witherspoon. "I know the Big East is still using it but I know there are some coaches who don't like it. You want to stay in a rhythm."

Who did the wardrobe for the DJ Cooper documentary, and did it include a bra?

Our favorite conference bra tester... yea DJ I'm sure there was a bet at stake... Had a documentary air on the Campus network.

MAC Basketball Tournament: OHIO Wears Down Toledo, Only Top Seeds Remain - Hustle Belt
A day after his documentary aired on the campus TV channel, DJ Cooper sounded off for 18 points, five assists and five rebounds. Not much in the department of quality shot selection or turnovers, but what else is new? Reggie Keely and Walter Offutt gave the Bobcats 13 apiece and while Ivo Baltic only had two points and nine rebounds, it was his defense of Rian Pearson, a great decision by John Groce, which was his big contribution.

What in the world were the refs looking at when they boot Stainbrook

Chubby Napoleon Dynamite got kicked out of his last college game. The foul was flagrant but no way was it a flagrant 2. WMU could have used him down the line, they closed in towards the end but were just over matched.

The Stainbrook call is a real black eye on the MAC officials.

MAC Basketball Tournament: Kent State Outlasts Tired WMU, Ending Their Underwhelming Season - Hustle Belt
The near-comeback seemed to galvanize around the ejection of Matt Stainbrook, who looked to plant an elbow into the face of Michael Porrini. Intentional or not, it looked pretty bad. But against a team like KSU, a big bulky center is not the type of person you need to win. Just be smart and stay within yourself. And for the most part, they did that, but it was just those Golden Flashes' veteran players who closed out the game.

Why does Tom Corbett like kicking over bee hives?

Seriously who benefits from even engaging the topic right now? Paterno has passed away, Sandusky is on trial, and Penn State is trying to rebuild. If any of those things are not true than maybe you can wade out into the water.

Maybe this is electoral Hari Kari Seppuku

Governor says Penn State Nittany Lions trustees right to fire Joe Paterno - ESPN
Gov. Tom Corbett said Thursday that he wishes former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno had done more after telling university officials about child molestation accusations against one of his assistant coaches.