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MAC semi-finals Set: All is as it should be


The whole point of the new format was to make sure the top four teams in the conference had the best chance of getting to the Semi-Finals with as mush rest as possible. To the Architects of the Conferences brand spankin' new format I say, Mission Accomplished!

While it would have been nice to see the Rockets make our path to the finals a little easier it was a lot to ask on one nights rest. Aside from a brief nap in the middle of conference play the Bobcats have been arguably the most dangerous team in the MAC.

They are the only team in the conference we failed to beat this season. Now Reggie Witherspoon has one more chance, and he has had a week to prep the Bulls for the one team who seems to have their number.

On one nights rest Ohio gets to take on Mitchell Watt, the conferences player of the year. He and Javon McCrea make up the best front court in the conference. The problem UB has with Ohio is the Bobcats effectiveness outside and their uncanny ability to force turnovers at the right moments.

There is no easy road for Buffalo, no Cinderella doing the dirty work, it's all on Watt, McCrea, and the other Bulls to come together and complete another first. Beat every Team in the MAC during the course of one season. Then, we can worry about making the dance.