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Talking Bull: If I had two million dollars

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I would have a little more than half of the reported settlement between Temple and the MAC:

Temple To Big East Vote Happening Wednesday Morning, According To Report -
We've been reading for almost a year that the Temple Owls are going to return to the Big East in 2012. Even though it looked like realignment had died down for the time being, reports flared up again over the past week that we are still living in Temple-realignmenty times. The MAC side of things appears to think it'll happen any minute now.

I would have enough to pay the offensive coordinator at Florida (or 4-10 MAC head coaches)

Florida Gators paying new offensive coaches more than $2M - ESPN
New offensive coordinator Brent Pease has a contract that will pay him $1.8 million through three years, including a $100,000 signing bonus and $100,000 longevity bonuses in 2013 and 2014. Pease, who has an annual salary of $490,000, also receives $10,000 annually from the school's Nike contract, as well as the use of a dealer car.

I would have a dollar for every groan Ohio has caused UB basketball fans over the years

201203062205 | MAC Power Rankings - March 6 | Basketball
UB is the most star-crossed team in the MAC. They produce the best season in school history only to find themselves with the likely fate of playing the team that has tortured them for the last seven years. Perhaps this is the year to exorcise some Bobcat demons, as this is a very good team. Mitchell Watt, Javon McCrea, and Titus Robinson comprise the best frontcourt in the MAC while Jarod Oldham has manned the point better than just about anyone anticipated. They are third in offensive efficiency (1.022 O-PPP) and fifth in defensive (0.95 D-PPP). They are third in both offensive and defensive rebounding percentages (35.3 and 70.5 percent, respectively).

I would have ten times what UB can earn for the MAC if they make history

UB Bulls Look to Make History " Welcome to the 716
Win two games. That is all the University at Buffalo men’s basketball team has to do in order to punch their first ever ticket into the NCAA tournament. For four seniors, Mitchell Watt, Zach Filzen, Dave Barnett, and Titus Robinson, this is their last chance ever to leave their mark in UB history. After winning their last three games in the regular season with a big win on the road at Akron and sending the seniors out in style with a win on Saturday night against Bowling Green, the Bulls clinched the number 2 seed this weekend in Cleveland. By doing so the Bulls received two byes and don’t play until Friday night in the semifinals.

I would also have 10 times the average salary for a 7th round NFL draft choice

Seniors Impress NFL Scouts - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The highest rated prospect from this year's senior class was wide receiver Marcus Rivers. Rivers received second team All-Mid-American Conference honors this season and was recently invited to the NFL Super Regional Combine in Detroit at the end of the month.

Seed money for a signature UB basketball movie, especially if we make the dance.... It can be about this guy!

Overcoming Obstacles on the Road to the Success - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
In the two years since his hospitalization, Watt has rebounded from someone who couldn't walk to earn the highest honors a basketball player in the Mid-American Conference can achieve. On Monday, Watt was named MAC Player of the Year, capping off his improbable comeback to the sport that he loves.