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Three Point Shot: For the 1000th time

The best quote of the game thread was from John Verdone who said:

Watt went in to beast mode, said beast mode is for wimps, kicked beast modes @$$, and took it somewhere else. - John Verdone

That kind of describes the last several minutes of the game. If Mitchell Watt did anything short of perfect it was miss a free throw. And when Mitt stumbled Dave Barnett was there with an amazing rebound to bail him out, it was that kind of game.

Watt's 20 points was a game high and enough to put him over 1000 for his career. It's the third straight game that Watt has went for 20 or more points which may completely change the conference's player of the year votes. Just two weeks ago most pundits didn't mention Watt when talking about the MAC player of the year, right now he has to be among the favorites.

The Game:

The Bulls and Falcons played a tight first half.

After Bowling Green built a 10-5 lead early UB but the Bulls ran it quickly back to a deficit of one (10-9). That's the way the first half went. Once an awhile a team, usually Bowling Green, looked ready to pull away but each time the opponent answered.

Twice the Falcons built leads of five points but when the horn sounded for halftime Bowling Green only managed a one point lead.

Building a lead wasn't difficult for the Falcons in the second frame. After a Zach FIlzen three tied the game at 33 Bowling Green went on an eight to one run. They maintained a nearly ten point lead for most of the half, at the nine minute mark approached UB found themselves down by nine points.

Then the Bulls started to climb back into the game. Watt's Steal and slam dunk cemented the early stages of a UB run that saw the Bulls build a large lead of their own.

During that run the Bulls missed key chances to extend their lead by missing free throws. At one point UB had three trips to the line and got only three points to show for it. Eventually the falcons took advantage of Buffalo's fre throw struggles and retook a two point lead with less than two minutes remaining.

Then Mitchell Watt rolled off four point's including a sick jumper that also drew a foul. When Watt missed the foul shot Dave Barnett got the rebound and effectively won the game.

Akron's win over Kent on Friday took away any shot of winning the conference but UB was still playing to get a leg up on Ohio. With the win, Buffalo finishes with the second seed in the upcoming MAC tournament, its highest seeding of all time. The Bulls will have an automatic bye to the semifinal round.

Point One) Thank you Seniors

Zach Filzen, Mitchell Watt, Dave Barnett, and Titus Robinson all played a key role tonight as they have for years. These guys have been a part of some great UB Basketball for four seasons. When I started really following UB Basketball they were freshman, and today they played their last game in Alumni. After the season is over they will graduate as the most winning class in UB history.

Point Two) True Blue and the UB fans ruled at alumni

In the years I have been following UB I have never heard Alumni as loud as it was today. 4,000 people in attendance and a packed student section was amazing. That's the game day experience that UB needs every weekend.

Charging the court on senior night was the icing on the cake. Way to go fans!

Point Three) Free throws can be the biggest shots of the game!

UB nearly lost this game on free throws. Six times in the second half the Bulls went to the line for two and walked away with only one point. That put us one amazing Barnett rebound away from winning.