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Talking Bull: Mount USA close to becoming a reality?

Humor from 'white' via at NCAABBS

Mountain West, Conference USA Now Talking Merger, According To Report -
Remember that thing about the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA forming a 22-team football alliance? Nobody really understood it, but it was kind of horrifying and kind of awesome. It was also apparently not quite enough, as CBS Sports reports the two leagues could simply "dissolve" and become one complete conference.

The Big Ten's Cold-Hearted College Football Playoff Plan Is Actually Good For Everybody -
The Big Ten's plan calls for semifinalists to get home field advantage and for the championship game to tour the country instead of just rotating between four Sun Belt cities -- fine ideas all around. Just getting to play against the No. 4 team instead of the No. 3 team is no real reward for being ranked No. 1, and college towns instead of tourist towns should get playoff game revenue. And of course it's the Big Ten that's recommended this, since the usual postseason destinations (I see you, Ford Field!) give warm-weather teams an advantage.

MAC Basketball Review: Make Your Free Throws And Neat Things Happen - Hustle Belt
Not a pretty game by any means, based on what everyone's saying. And the score seems to reflect that. At one point UB carried a 13-point lead in the second half but Central was able to tie the game up, and it comes back to turnovers yet again. They had just four in the entire game, and that's why they were able to hang around all night. But the difference in the end, yet again, was Javon McCrea and Mitchell Watt, who had similar lines and combined for 31 points, 17 rebounds and five blocks.