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3 Point Shot: Getting the BSU Monkey off our backs

The last time Buffalo beat Ball State Yassin Idbihi had 23 points and 12 rebounds, and Calvin Cage added 21 points. Beating the Cards is always nice, but beating them to end this drought while extending a current winning streak that capped off a pretty good day for UB Athletics.

Point 1) Jarod Oldham put together one of the best all around performances that ended with zero points that you will ever see. Six assist, two blocks, two steals, and four rebounds. He also keyed off the play of the year when he took the ball away from the cards, then sliding on his back he lobbed it to Javon McCrea, who then fed Filzen for an open three.

Point 2) Mitchell Watt, once again, was almost the sole reason UB did not start absurdly slow out of the gate. He, and Auraum Nuiriankh were UB's offense for the first ten or so minutes of the games.

Point 3) UB was 9-10 from the charity stripe and 10-19 from beyond the arch, those kind of numbers will win most MAC games..