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Toad Licked... 4 TCU Players Arrested in Drug Sting

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Drug Sweep Nabs 4 TCU Players, 3 Starters
TCU Football Players Arrested: Drug Sweep Nabs 4 Players, 3 Starters

This is coming apart faster than tat gate. The saving grace for TCU is that, so far, there has been no indication that the coaches or staff had a clue at what was going on?

What was going on?

Professional home agriculture of a purley recreational product.

Four TCU Horned Frogs football players were arrested for allegedly taking part in a Fort Worth drug ring. Tanner Brock, D.J. Yendrey, and Ty Horn were specifically accused of selling hydroponic marijuana from a city house.

You can guess where this is going next. If you ahve four pot dealers on a team you can bet you have a bunch of users. The players have been accused of selling to teammates.

TCU's head coach, Gary Patterson, was swift in his response as was TCU.

"Under my watch, drugs and drug use by TCU's student-athletes will not be tolerated by me or any member of my coaching staff. Period. Our program is respected nationally for its strong ethics and for that reason the players arrested today were separated from TCU by the University. I believe strongly that young people's lives are more important than wins or losses.

Buffalo had a similar issue with Wrestling Star Desi Green who was booted from the team after several attempts to quit Marijuana.

While the losses may have a short and near team effect on TCU's Big12 entrance the expulsion of these players is good for the long term healt of the program.